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First time in years that I've come to office earlier than 9AM. Now to check the adverse effects of coming to office to my body. And I'm feeling the effects right now -- sleepy.

On another more joyful and though-provoking note, I was watching My Fairly Oddparents in Nickelodeon this morning and it was a funny thing that the boy in that cartoon wished that all girls disappear.

Now what happened was, the men had a field day being the males that they are, building missiles, eating pizza, and being a lummox all day. Then in some way they say to themselves that something is missing (any memory of the existence of women were wiped out from their minds) and go like, "Nothing can fill the void!"

All the women, who were made to disappear, were sent to another place and were saying the same "Nothing can fill the void!" line. They were guessing that what they were missing was something that is crude and messy (probably hairy) and concludes that it must be some sort of household appliance (the men on the otherhand, were trying to 'fill the void' by smooching their chainsaws).

Just something funny to think about as I start the day out. But I am still sleepy. -_-
Living In A Game Like A Geek
I've been tagging myself like that lately. But I guess old habits are hard to shake off. I could see myself 40 and still play pc games.

Anyway, I'm living one of my characters from my own 'novels' entitled Ang Sumpa. More specifically the proposed 3rd installment (the 1st and 2nd hasn't been released yet and here comes the third, haha).

Introducing Marie Of The Curse (picture to be posted here soon, like anyone cares). So if any wayward souls happen to chance upon my darkgiantplanet blog *hint* *hint* you'll see her name there. Once I finish her, I'm going to create a character for Angelo Lamberto, or the avatar of Lam-Ang as a Warrior/XX in Guild Wars. I should have named my first char, a monk, into Kerbo Ibarra, the enchanite adopted by Jillian.

As for Jillian, I would think she should be a Mesmer/Warrior or something. I wouldn't want to choose Warrior as the primary class because she'll be wearing that clumsy-looking armor. Ofcourse I'll be putting Rascargil and Grase Varchild somewhere, as primary Necromancers. Pauline would perhaps be an Elementalist, specializing in Earth spells as she is a Geomancer in my story.

As for the Psychics ... they don't seem to fit anywhere in Guild Wars :(

But enough of that, here's a random pic

Image hosted by
Frankentstein's Toe
Here I am, typing at my blog to tell the world, that I am assigned to a project that reeks of regurgitated monkey food.

What does that mean to our dear readers? Let me explain. You see somebody working on something and pity them for the ill luck that had befallen them? The type of people you would want to pat on the back and say "Hey, things will turn out right"? Well that's not it. What happens if the said person said, "Hey, I'm leaving, and the boss says you'll be doing it from now on".

There it is, like a jolt from an electric lighter rudely awakening you from your day dreams, you just couldn't help but think, somehow fame is not always a good thing.

Fame you say? Lately I realized that people are talking about me as "That Guy Who Could Solve Your Problems Blindfolded". I sure as hell can't claim to myself that I have the most excellent traits a model employee should have: chronically late, downloads porn at the office ;) ... heck, I shouldn't be an IT professional because all I'd like to do is doodle all day, sing, and chase after girls. Not to mention using company resource to play pc games :} I don't even do follow-up studies regarding my own profession (which any self-respecting IT person should be doing nowadays).

And now I'm assigned to a project that showcases one of the most convoluted pieces of code I've ever seen and they expect me to make more of that ... Frankenstein and make it appear that it'll win the prize for "King of the Night" in a ballroom dancing session reserved for royalty.

Oh well, I'm never much into complaining. Let's see what will happen if I pull down this electric switch.
In Memory Of The Family Dogs
To put in writing the dogs we had is kind of daunting, as I couldn't remember all of them. But here goes.

T.Y. - (Thank You) she was the first dog I ever remembered but was a bad mom. I think she was colored off-white.

Singhot - (Sniff) not really our dog, but more of our cousin's pooch. Askal breed, had red-orange fur. What I remember about him? He was infected with rabies and killed another family dog (Singa) and a preggy cat (Rimacle, supposed to be the cat second to 'Miracle' a well-loved affectionate family cat).

Payat - (Thin) my first personal dog. Nobody loved him except me, because he is just aa whiner, and couldn't bark at strangers. Xenophobic too. But since nobody else loved him, one afternoon after coming home from elementary school, I was treated to azucena, and guess who's on the dish? I never ate dog meat ever since. Forgot his color.

Pandak - (Shorty) the most long-lived pooch we had (well, it's more of our neighbor's dog, but since our houses were so close together, it didn't matter). She was our first short-legged askal, with white fur and big dark spots on her back and face. She was the most quirky as well, and would go about in a prostate position for several minutes like a Moslem in prayer. She would also grin a toothy grin to welcome us when we arrive. There was a funny incident when we discovered she was trying to have mount another neighboring dog, Beauty (who had beautiful curly fur and short legs as well, but always have mange). Her bad habit was bringing home rotting garbage. She's also the first dog I know who could fart. She had many litter, but sadly, she outlived them all.

Gringo Brutus - my most beloved personal pooch. He was part of Pandak's second batch of puppies. He was the most magnificent askal I've ever seen. Short legs, dark muzzle, red fur, white socks, when he barks everybody is afraid of him. When he sits, he sits like a lion, chest up high and looking at his sorroundings like it was his property. Our house was always safe when he is around. I taught him how to jump for food. The funny incident I remembered about him was that he was able to get into our house through a chewed-up hole on the sawali door (Pandak also liked chewing it for some reason). When we came in, he was smack right center on a cot, on his back, legs spread apart and sleeping like the most satisfied mongrel in the world. He's as smelly as his mom and unfortunately learned from her the art of taking home rotting trash. Sometimes when it is stormy and the place where he sleeps is really cold and I find him shivering, I would sit beside him and stroke his fur and underbelly. What makes me sad is that I never get to know how he died. He wouldn't come home for days on end, probably finding a really tempting pile of garbage or courting some neighborhood bitch. Until weeks went by, and he just didn't come back.

Uk-uk - I was the one who suggested his name, because I wanted to make it hard for everybody to shout his name when they call him. He was supposed to be Gringo's successor, but he's a bit of a wimp. He has dark fur, and almost looks like Gringo except that his other ear is folded while the other one stands.

West - this one is my mom's beloved. Because she would even douse him in perfume when he was a puppy, because he has the softest fur. He is fluffy white, and is a very affectionate pet. Until one day last year, the garage gates were opened and he was run over by a bus.


Currently, our dogs are Sarao (askal), a pit bull, and a dachsund. Unfortunately, me and mom are no longer living at our dad's house to really care for them.

We're a family of animal lovers. If there's a business we can run, I guess it would have to be a pet shop.
Financially Blind
When I bought all those books about getting my stuff in line financially, it's then I've noticed how lacking I am in handling (or mishandling) my own savings. My image of myself being the frugal hermit has been shattered by the mere fact that I am a bit more reckless than I thought I should have been.

So here I am, writing my personal financial account, and by the looks of things, at the end of this year, I have roughly Php 43,000 as my savings when the year 2006 greets me -- not enough to buy me my house. That is counting continual family obligations (one of my ATM cards is not in my wallet -_-), personal and non-personal purchases (a decent fridge, a vacuum cleaner, new barongs, etc.), monthly leisure (recently the expensive-over-time Guild Wars).

I have too few security measures even for myself. Sigh. I am getting old -_-
Looking With Wondering Eyes
Got this picture from Marge --

Image hosted by

I can almost imagine the scents and sounds from Quiapo where it was taken from. Somehow, I missed the innumerable things that a kid would wonder about pointing at each things with a question "What's that"?

A world of difference from the neat, scentless and orderly existence I am living in currently. I would say my senses have been dampened by the troubles I have now -- call it the suicide of curiosity and wonder. My transition from a screwed adolescent to a young, clueless urban professional was painful to say the least. Moreso my transition from young, clueless urban professional to self-contained, dissident individual.

Yet to hold something even before all of that -- the curiousity and wonder -- is it not something worth perpetuating merely by the simple sight of something visually stimulating?

Perhaps so :}
Poetry: My Fervent Wish
- Q.Montejo

Here, look here
Look where I am at
Just a little
Because I'd like to
Tell you
That you are
The most beautiful thing
I've ever laid my eyes on
And I'm frustrated
How I couldn't
Make it any
Less clicheic
Than it is now

My fervent wish
Is to come to where
You're at
That castle of yours
I thought which is near
Was still too far
For someone like me
A funny thing to say
Is it not?
When everyday
I can just pass by you
And can only
Afford a glimpse

It breaks my heart a bit
When you can't look
Or can't be near me
A little pain
Like a pin prick
Something I can ignore
Yet something you won't see
I'll stay here
And nurture the growth
Of my fervent wish
End it please?
This strange,
Warm, unsettling,
This-is-not-me love?
Rum Di Dum-Dum Dum
Blah (peace Patty :} )

Seven things that scare you:
1. A more than able opponent in hand-to-hand combat
2. An army out to kill me
3. Unseen enemies :}
4. Me turning into a horrible mutant monster with hypnotic eyes
5. Losing the love of my life (well gotta find that one yet)
6. The ground disappearing
7. Darkness and silence (they have to be together)

* surprisingly, I'm not afraid of death ... yet

Seven things you like the most:
1. Games
2. Music
3. My true love (LOL)
4. Beauty
5. War
6. Anime
7. Tuna

Seven important things in your bedroom:
1. Laptop
2. Cellphone
3. uh ... my bed
4. mm ... my pillow
5. ah ... my bedsheet ... can't live without bedsheets
6. UV lamp (helps me sleep)
7. Guitar

Seven random facts about you:
1. I care less about clothes
2. I work hard, I play (games) HARDER
3. People love me :}
4. I hate people :}
5. Pretty much a lone wolf, but I love the crowd every now and then
6. I am a brooding person, yet I am the most forgiving to someone I hold special
7. I want to grow wings on my back

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. Finally give mum the grandkids she wanted
2. Create my own anime/manga, famous at that
3. Reclaim the land my parents sold
4. Have my own house :}
5. Get into a business and succeed in it
6. Be a recognized IT person as well
7. Find mine true love :}

Seven things you can do:
1. Write
2. Draw
3. Play
4. Bend my thumb til it reaches my wrist
5. Chase girls
6. Intimidate people and robbers
7. Imagine the most fantastic things

Seven things you can't do:
1. Be totally good
2. Forgiveness
3. Yeah, be cruel to animals
4. Destroy an army (not yet anyway)
5. Outwit all my geek friends
6. Stop brooding
7. Grow wings

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. Pretty teeth
2. Nice lips
3. Scent
4. Has one or more of SIW (Smart, Intelligent, Wise)
5. Overall beauty (outer and innard ... I mean inside)
6. Lovely voice
7. Skin

Seven things you say the most:
1. Fucker
2. Yeah
3. What the fuck
4. Uy
5. Uhm
6. Hey
7. Hi :}

Seven celeb crushes (whether local or foreign):
1. Iya Villania
2. Rachel Leigh Cook
3. Jennilyn Mercado
4. Nicole Hernandez
5. Francine Prieto
6. Michelle Branch (well, uh, not anymore I think)
7. Tami Stronach (from Neverending Story)

Seven people you want to see to take this quiz:
1. Wastedgurl
2. Beachfreak
3. Mesai
4. Kryx
5. Winty-twinty
6. Issey
7. My true love (LOL)
Catching A Few Drops of Jupiter
... she acts like summer
And walks like rain
Reminds me there's time to change ...

It was almost a whirl, I was dazed. There you were, and here I was. I wanna go somewhere, but you don't wanna go anywhere

Since the return from her stay on the moon
She listens like spring and she talks like june ...

I'd like to believe ... what I want to believe. Most especially those things easy to believe. Don't we all?

Tell me, did you sail across the sun?
Did you make it to the milky way to see all the lights faded
And that heaven is overrated

There's so much in the sky I wanted to see. But I sometimes forget there's the earth where I've always wanted to be.

Tell me, did you fall for a shooting star?
One without a permanent scar and did you miss me
While you were looking for yourself out there

I can't burn up and spend what little chance I have at all of this. Whatever this is.

Tell me, did the wind sweep you off your feet?
Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day?
And right back to the milky way?

So I go, I go with only myself again. I leave behind a smile that I reserved for you.

Tell me, did Venus blow your mind?
Was it everything you wanted to find?
And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?

There's a constellation over the horizon right there. I think my name is written with it. I'd like to go there. Yours is here.
Friends are There ...
... to give you a shaving wedge when your mind is going in circles.

Haha, glad to have gone out last night. The view at Teriyaki Boy is really nice :}
The Heart Knows What It Does Not Know
Skip this post if you want to read something interesting. I would only like to put a bit of realization just now.

Today, there's a funny bit of thought when I read two names right after each other on some internet page that belong to me. Both names mean something to me -- both of them are people I hold love for. One is a past that I've yearned and longed for, one is a present that I am currently yearning and longing for.

The effect is rather strange. We all know that we have to move on. But I couldn't explain why all of a sudden, this past love (sort of) no longer hold the same amount of hostility I had before I met the present (well, sort of as well), yet there's a squeeze of that calm, soothing feeling when I think about her -- no chaotic thoughts. Only an easy, lingering account of what would happen if I suddenly see her if ever I get lost in Glorietta again.

I'd probably say a casual "Hi" or a pleasant "Heyyy" despite the things that happened. Like welcoming an old friend that I owe a few hugs to (in the usual romantic way I give them anyway). What's even more noticeable is the thought that I told the present how she is in a way, similar to her.

It's as if I've committed a mild sin to have told her those words.

If I meet her again, which I sincerely hope so, I'd like to tell her everything I wanted to say but haven't. Even if it all fit in the words, "Hey, I'm glad to see you and I hope everything is ok with you."

So this goes out to you, wherever you are -- I hope everything is ok with you, please ... take care. :}
Guild Wars!
Last night, out of whim, I joined my officemates into a cafe to play Guild Wars. It's been long since I've played any exciting game. And since World of Warcraft is too costly for people like me, I went on for the next best MMORPG.

As it happens, my guildmates (my officemates) are in need of a healer. And since in Neverwinter Nights, my most played character is a Cleric, I happily obliged as their Monk (equivalent of the Cleric in GW so it seems).

Now since it's almost imperative you take a second profession, I took nothing else than the much maligned Necromancer.

Hence, Anche The Pale is born!

Off I was then, dying to every enemy :} We spent almost four hours inside the cafe, had lots of fun because I was able to join their party while I'm just level 5 (they're 9~10). It's a bit of a drag to be a support member, so I'm thinking of being a Smiting Monk/Necro.

Now I just have to figure out what other weapons do monks use because I was using ... an elemental wand (wtfF?). I would've thought he'd be some martial artist but it looks more to me monks in GW are priests.

Still, mine is fancy because he's also a necromancer. If I'd known better, the combination would've turned me into a Lich (though I would think it's lichs are wizard/necros rather than monk/necros). Holy/unholy is a rather interesting role to fill in, as I am both the Yin and the Yang.

So instead of lich, I'll call Anche the Pale, a Death God.

/end geek rave
Highfiber @ Dencio !!
Alrighty, something nice for me to post for a change. Behold, yours truly, spotted in a table full of strangers. Well not really, since I know one of them :}

Will the real john galt please stand up

So there I am, enjoying San Mig Light after San Mig Light. Enjoyed myself and the company of rowdy people.

Okay, maybe I was too rowdy. Here I am with one of my favorite hifier.

It must be love, baby

And here ofcourse, one of the prettiest faces I've ever seen, with me, the Beast, grinning a toothy grin.

Tale as old as time

Had a talk with some of the boys. The night just went on.

We like pr0n

Well ofcourse, I can't get enough of my favorite hifier.

Why am I with this monster again? I really don't know him

All that talk over a nice plate of cold sisig.

I'm cold. But edible.

I can't thank the gods of hifi enough for making such a great site for people like me. Cheers you wonderful people.

What the fuck are we doing again?
My Team Leader
It's somehow not frequent enough that I appreciate people who appreciate me. One of the more constant reminders of these instances is my team leader. Often, during my work-related rants in this blog, I would mention her role as my protectress (femme form of protector?) and the one who cools me down when I burn in anger (out of some frustration with a teammate).

It warms my heart that she would mention that if I leave this company, she would so as well. And now that she's going be sent to the US, she told me that she wishes for me to be still here when she comes back. Either that or ask the higher corporate people to go with her in Minnesota (was it?).

I can't thank her enough for all that she has done for me. The least I could do is use the fridge magnets she gave me (four rectangular patches with her baby printed on top). Even though I'd love for another stint in the US, I would like to stay here.

Besides, I'm too lazy to get a replacement for my lost passport :}
To Deal with Uncertainty
"So, do you like me or not?"

That's the last thing I asked her. Sounds blunt and inelegant, but hey, I'm not a mind reader and everyone can use a bit of honesty every now and then. So far, I have not known, or seen, or felt any feedback coming from her. It's a sign that she's not into me, so I would like to confirm to be sure.

I'd like to go beyond being forwarded text messages, and actually talk to me. Let me know if I am of any interest to her. If not, I'm moving on. And if she answers it with something weird again, like something vague or answering half the question, I'm moving on anyway o_O
Looking at the Same Monster
I'm just wondering how different I am now when dealing with personal demons than five or so years ago. Back then I would just succumb to despair and anguish then ultimately become helpless. Today, I am having the same episodes.

Only now, I am looking at it in the eye.

All night
Hearing voices telling me
That I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be good for something.

Yeah. Tomorrow might be good for something. I could live for that.
Poetry: 01:34 am on my bed, wednesday
- Q.Montejo

Made this poem in hifi, I was planning on making a new one but found myself too uninspired to do exactly that, yet enough want to share one. And ofcourse I realized, "Fuck, glad I don't do these poems too often -_-"

when everything feels cool and
everything's quiet (dark it was too, lights turned off)
unbidden thoughts come hither and sit with me
i didn't ask nor did i expect it to come
it just came and uninvited it was
"i am thinking of you
yes you"

with the glow of my old laptop's screen
i fired up an mp3 player and pressed >>
my fingers danced a little as i fancied writing
a fictional story based on what was happening to me
i can almost here the soundtrack that'll go with it
"i am thinking of you
psst, yes you"

lights spilled from my lightly opened door died
my roommates are calling it a night and i
am here. here with foolish annoying little ...
prickly thoughts of missing you
clicked on "shut down" in my little electronic black box ...
"think of me when i sleep
pretty brown-lensed eyes"

if it's a burden missing you when awake
maybe it wouldn't be so when i'll die for 6 hours
stretched my back
streched my arms and curled my toes
and let dreams follow me in my sleep
wherever i maybe in the dark
little corner of my universe

nyt : )
"nyt : *"
Song Lyrics: Gemini
- by Spongecola

Quents: I haven't found the guitar tabs for this yet, but someone will sure to come up with one soon. I'm a fan of Spongecola ever since their single 'Lunes'. This song is no different, as the music video for it is nice in a simple way which is a practice drama for Romeo and Juliet. Complete with a narration by 'that old man'.


Come a little closer
Flicker in flight
We'll have about an inch a space
But i'm here i can breathe in
What you breathe out

Let me know if i'm doing this right
Let me know if my grip's too tight
Let me know if i can stay all of my life
Let me know if dreams can come true
Let me know if this one's for you

Cause i see it
And i feel it
Right here
And i feel you right here

The vacous night
Steps aside to give meaning
To gemini's dreaming
The moon on it's back
And the seemingly
Veiled room's lit
By the same star

And i feel it right here
And i feel you right here


Goodnight, goodnight
Parting is such sweet sorrow
And I'll say goodnight
'Til it be 'morrow

- Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
Random Thoughts: Lazy Leave
Yesterday, I was at it again -- taking a leave for no reason at all (not that any of my bosses know it). It's a habit I took up just this year, and I would say it feels good in a way. It's not that I'm abusing it at all because I only get to have one vacation leave and one sick leave every month. Not to mention five emergency leaves we have in a year (used up three for no reason at all, tee hee).

I know it would affect my December, but I find the practice therapeutical. If there's work, hell yeah, I'll work. I'll even sacrifice my weekends. But if there's none, it's forgiveable is it not?


It's already past mid year and only a about a couple of years left. Drat. I kind of feel compelled to follow mum's request. Eegh. Argh.

What to do, what to do.


I think I'll feature friends' profiles here. Hehehe. You know, sort of like, this is what I think of _ _ _ _, no holds barred! :} That would be cool.


Here's a character I drew for my manga, Darkened Earth. His name is Druu. For those otaku out there, his hair would remind you of Vash, but let me tell you, I actually got it from a video game character in Psychic Force way before Trigun appeared. Oh well.

Image hosted by


Badabim badabum!
Weird Feeling
It feels really weird that I am asking people to do things for me. Really, it's so weird. I've always prided on doing things with my own hands. Either that or let other people ask me favors.

I must be a doormat :}
Speed of Sound
How long before I get in?
Before it starts, before I begin?
How long before you decide?
Before I know what it feels like?
Where To, where do I go?
If you never try, then you'll never know.
How long do I have to climb,
Up on the side of this mountain of mine?

I took a good look at you. And you were awesome.

Look up, I look up at night,
Planets are moving at the speed of light.
Climb up, up in the trees,
every chance that you get,
is a chance you seize.
How long am I gonna stand,
with my head stuck under the sand?
I'll start before I can stop,
before I see things the right way up.

I'm just amazed, a bit struck, but still amazed. The things that you can say.

All that noise, and all that sound,
All those places I got found.
And birds go flying at the speed of sound,
to show you how it all began.
Birds came flying from the underground,
if you could see it then you'd understand?

A bit of adoration is never a bad thing. Knowing me, I say that very rarely. Especially to someone I deem unproven. Yet you were cool. You're cool.

Ideas that you'll never find,
All the inventors could never design.
The buildings that you put up,
Japan and China all lit up.
The sign that I couldn't read,
or a light that I couldn't see,
some things you have to believe,
but others are puzzles, puzzling me.

The only thing I could muster is a smile from my eyes whenever I catch you looking at me.

All that noise, and all that sound,
All those places I got found.
And birds go flying at the speed of sound,
to show you how it all began.
Birds came flying from the underground,
if you could see it then you'd understand,
ah when you see it then you'll understand?

I'll just say my piece, and maybe I could hear you say stories. Maybe I won't get tired hearing them. Maybe.

All those signs, I knew what they meant.
Some things you can invent.
Some get made, and some get sent,
Birds go flying at the speed of sound,
to show you how it all began.
Birds came flying from the underground,
if you could see it then you'd understand,
ah, when you see it then you'll understand?

Let the few messages I'm writing now, travel at the speed of sound until it reaches you. Stay cool.

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