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He will paint the light and shade, colors and the trees ...

I had no compunction to act like a lunatic/weirdo when I have a chance to.

Hey, circumstances dictate that I be that way [blame it on the drugs pumped to my veins for a year and see if you can think normal].


Nikki: Oi, TJ [they call me TJ -_-] andito na tayo sa zoo! Anong hayop ka? [an attempt at a joke at my expense -_-*]
Me: ... di ko nga alam kung anong kahayupan meron ako e.

It doesn't sound anything spectacular. But imagine me saying that with an old lady just beside me in a kanto boy tone. Gran laughed hard at that, much to everyone's surprise including me.

And I've been hearing the word "kahayupan" the rest of the time we went there -_-*


It was night time. And it was time for Gran and the gang to have some soulful discussions and stories and stuff over a bottle of Bailey's [she was vehemently forbidding us to drink during Good Friday].

Then all of a sudden, I remembered the zebra we saw in Calauit that day. The reason it went into my mind was because ...

It's weiner was sticking out.

Then I faced Liz beside me and asked, "Have you ever wondered why zebra's weiners don't have stripes like their skin?"

She instantly snorted a laugh for bringing that up while everybody else was in a serious mood. Gran took notice of me and immediately asked what we were chuckling about.

And well, I added almost innocently, "Like you know? Why doesn't it look like Stick-O's?"

They laughed at that, but incidentally, it didn't do anything good for my dignity.


One should take note that in a place like coron, animals and insects are always on the prawl.

But the most prominent of them all is the tuko. I'm not sure what's the equivalent English translation of it, it just resembles a very large gecko lizard.

Now that's fine and dandy and while the tuko are doing their night time calls [the infamous "tchuk-kooo"] there's one with a pretty unique take on everybody else.

This tuko was doing his concert inside a drum.

Hence, his calls were amplified in sound along with accompanying mini-echos, if you can imagine it.

We thereby dubbed it, cyber-tuko. Coz, you know, he sounds like Robocop who got his metallic testicles kicked.

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No, this is a chameleon, and not the tuko =_=


more to come when I remember it! :)