It's almost unbelievable.

Imagine the sea just above my knees. And breath-taking island formations all around you.

Imagine clear water for miles and miles and miles. Imagine white, soft sand under my feet.

Now imagine this.

I am not on the beach, but in the middle of the sea. I am on a patch of shallow sea bed with sea plants and fish sorrounding me.

And then imagine this.

There are no waves.

Only calm, soothing water in every which direction. The wind as gentle as it comes.

It's almost like a dream. No, wait. I did dream of this place before I even came here.

I then walked around ... so I can take it all in ...

If Boracay opened my eyes to expected imaginations, Palawan was much, much more spiritual. No strangers, no annoying commercialism, no artificial noise.

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The imagery that caused all of what I've written above. And yes, that's me with my pale ass skin. Imagine a sea-sized swimming pool, and that's what it's like over there o_O

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The sunset touching our happy faces

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Coral Bay resort ... we're there for free XD This also shows how scrawny I've become

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Cayangan lake. It's a place with a magic of its own

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The animal that best describes me -- the bearcat XD This is in Calauit Safari Island

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A Moment of Zen III: The Incredible Oneness of All

To be continued ... with more pictures and more thoughts :)