- Q.Montejo

Have I been born alone amidst this void-like, careless world
To which I care not for, my life just arrived already sold
My vision is as cruel as the cold, sharp light of the stars
My chest contain a dead heart, a weight perpetually charred

Oh, but I have not seen the sun yet, have I my dearest?
Only now have I known you're the soulful warmth within my chest
But such is the cruel jest of fates, you're not to stay with me
The day dies down you have to fly away, while I taste this tragedy

Be with me my angel, even if your heart was never mine
Be with me my moon, even if it's not for me you'll shine
I am lost, a bringer of sorrow, I stain the ground with my tears
Let me fly beyond the sunset, and sing my love in your ears

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