When I have let it all into my head, I knew I must do something about it -- I must write it down.

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Simply breathtaking o_O

We stayed in Coron not in a resort, but in the home of my friend's grandmother. Oh, you people might say, "So it's some old lady? Big deal". Then you have to read what I am going to write.

Nothing could prepare me for the fact that, then and there, I met one of the most interesting people I've ever came upon. She's old-fashioned yes, a devout Catholic, with a soul that's still as piercing as her bright eyes.

I had an initial impression of her being a kontrabida first time we met her, stereotyping her and all. She can also deliver the most caustic of tongue lashing I believe, but that's not the story here.

To be fair, her initial impression of me was this insignificant little creature scuffling in some corner having a world of my own and not caring about anybody else. Which's true by the way.

But let's leave that for a while while we work through the second impressions XD

Here, let's whet things with a trivia: she was once the wife of George Canseco, look him up in Google if you don't know who he is.

He composed a song for her entitled, Kapantay ay Langit, and sung by Pilita Corales.

On the first nights, she was there entertaining us with her stories. About her exploits in her younger days [I sometimes imagine her as somebody like seraphim]. And when we retire for the night, it becomes a heart-to-heart session with some of us who wants to be heard.

And oh, that I realized ... one of the best people to listen to and give you advices can be none other than people who have come that way and back. And in Gran's case [that's what she prefer people call her], she's been there, done that, million times over.

We've actually talked to her about a lot of things. About love and relationships, life in general, the beauty of Palawan, our own spirituality, and well, how to be happy in this frame of life.

"Anything less than mad love is a waste of time", I heard that say to myself, and then she replied, "Kid, nothing can be truer".

I mean think about it. She's been there. She has been a cancer patient and has survived, she claimed she had an unsuccessful marriage, unsuccessful career and what not, but her eyes shine when she said that she was successful as a person, and how much she has come into terms with God.

I could find myself sitting beside her and let her tell me a lot of stories. I chuckled when she retorted one time to stop being a lola's boy XD as I was always ready to be by her side when she's up for an interesting conversation with the gang.

So what happened to my initial impression of her being the kontrabida? Well, it faded away. And add that to the fact that she laughs at my jokes and shenannigans and I have myself an instant grandmom.

Ain't that great?

I won't ever forget her. She kiddingly asked me that when I get hitched, I should consider doing the honeymoon there in Coron, and she'll be the one to set it all up ^_^ sweet! Now to get myself a woman XD

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After living a full life, wouldn't you want to see things like this just outside your home?