It's been so long since I posted in this blog. Several reasons, one of them is that I've started a new life already when I've migrated here in Australia. So many new things, so many good things, so many exciting things.

I'm pretty sure I haven't and can never discard that part of my brain where I keep my most dangerous thoughts (to myself and to others). But one thing's for sure. I have come a long way and things are still getting better.

I'm living in a beautiful place, and I have worthwhile things to do. I've got my career restarted from scratch and I've got so many plans. I want to travel! I have dreams again! Isn't that awesome?

Sure I have a lot of things I just left as it is back home, some stuff unfinished, some promises unfulfilled, and some things I wanted but can never have. I guess life will always be that way: a perpetual motion machine of pleasure and pain.

So. Where then from here? I can't say. I'm wearing a smile while typing this. Things are just so okay. I almost wish I could press the pause button of life right now and let it remain as it is when things are at its best. Then again, that would be boring is it not? :D