Woke up today, didn't get the sleep I wanted the night before but I think it's enough that I won't drift at work.

Decided not to make packed lunch and have a little fun with officemates come 12.

Got out the door and the first thing I saw was my neighbor's pooch.

Been long since I had a dog. I used to have a favorite I've named Gringo Brutus. Sort of a mongrel from a Welsh Corgi blood line. Neighbor offered me a ride to work. Cool. Looks like I can spare myself from showing my bat-umbrella and un-ironed clothes. I'm a rough individual trying to look elegant.

Rocky the dog and neighbor sat at the back of the car while her mom was at the wheel, talking about her work and my cooking. I wanted to talk about a lot of things. But I think my brain is still asleep.

I wanted to tell her about my journalistic exploits and a lot of other things. I wanted to play with Rocky. I wanted to walk with my neighbor.

I'm in love with this family.