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Getting Acoustic on the RnBs
While I was scouring YouTube for acoustic renditions of popular songs, I came across Ne-Yo's Go On Girl.

By far, it's one of the few music videos that does not sport skanky women, bling-blings, and bouncing cars but actual models. And what makes it look cool?

Coz they're pretty damn ... pretty.

And this image is burning behind my eyelids


oh I mean this one


Anyway, I was speaking about this dorky looking dude (he good)

I spent like three nights trying to play the damn song. But as usual, the price for having no talent is ... to not play it like I hear it. And since my vocal inadequacies are there as well, the only ones I'm impressing are the dust bunnies under my bed.


I am currently looking for an acoustic of ... "I need you boo, gotta see you boo" :D
Urbandub: of Evidence and a False Sense of Ethno-Patriotism

I think Urbandub is pretty cool. No truly.

Anyway, I'm posting this not because of Urbandub or the video per se, but the numerous comments on the vid itself.

It annoys me to no end that whenever someone hails from a place, the people there suddenly either become proud or disgraced when someone goes 'up there'.

I just ignore comments that talk in glee about the bloody-hammer-face-thing or oh-iza-youre-so-hot (though they're mildly entertaining at face value). However, it annoyingly entertains me that there are people who would say:

aisha043: this video is a violation of the cebuanos' exceptional taste in style. how come it's so emo?

the production staff and the director should give credit to previous videos of the band: frailty, first of summer, endless a silent whisper, and more recently, guillotine. this video is ridiculous. compare it to the ones mentioned above.


I'd like to represent Urbandub and say they are doing this for the music they love doing: not for you or for Cebuanos or for any furry, woodland creatures in this side of creation.

I wish I could stab people's faces through the internet. Sigh.

Anyway, enjoy the bloody video. They make good music. But I have yet to find a local act that I couldn't get tired of.
Menage a . . . . . Deux

It had been a while..

She was nervous..

Her knees and went wobbly..

She was excited..

Her heartbeat was fast, it was goin a hundred miles an hour..

She had a shot of vodka in the parking lot..

Her flushed cheeks and neck were evident..

She started to walk..

Alright, I've just registered into Ikariam.

I'm in Theta server, player Jormungand. My town is called Gorgon's Lot.

Wonder what island are you guys -.-

Anyway, it looks pretty exciting. Like an online multiplayer Settlers.
Round the Bend

There's a bend on the road.

Do I turn back? Or do I go on straight ahead.


In other geek news, I've been playing Lineage 2, and my, this MMORPG has more dimensions in it than others I've played. It's the closest thing I can play to World of Warcraft.

Bad thing is, population of players here is quite small (only two servers, and is in light capacity most of the time).

I've started out with quite a few characters, but now I've ended up with a female Orc I've named Stheno (knowing your mythology, she is Medusa's sister). She's wearing a Mardi Gras mask right now, which I hope I could keep even after the medal event ends ~_~

I've been modelling her after my fictional character Huara, a female soldier gorgonaut. But somehow, Stheno's profession which is a monk, makes her wear light armor. And well I've been thinking about her wearing the cool heavy ones.

Anyway, let's see how far I could take her.

For some reason I have more success playing female chars o.0


Curiously enough, I have some contentment playing that game.

I'm relatively new, but I am sort of see my part in the economy. I go out 'seeding' monsters, get some 'fruits' where I get raw materials, and then sell them in the market.

I get to see how other players sell inflated prices of their raw materials (or mats), so I sell mine cheaper. Tons cheaper.

Right now I'm seeding for adamantite nuggets. Stheno is level 33 now, the last acceptable level to sow Desert Coda seeds. What I find unfortunate is that only the Dion manor is selling any seeds. Other places, Giran, Gludin, Schuttgart, etc. aren't selling anything.

So I'm tied to seeding Delu lizardmen for now.

Bu that's just fine.

Stheno signing off.
Awashed in the Rapids

Sometimes I really need to go out more. Friends are good sources of information for change. Not only change, but rapid change.

It's refreshing too, since it's exciting to see people who are enthusiastic about the possibilities they discover and the risks they are taking.

Now my head is awashed in new things to think about. Another dart I'll be throwing at life's dartboard.
What You Love the Most
Ah, I think I've had enough about life ranting.

Let me tell you guys about one courageous woman. Yeah, I've known her for about a year working with her everyday. She's this woman that despite her age doesn't look like she's a day over 20.

I guess it all got to me and so I tried asking her out. Got turned down ofcourse, but that's fine since I'd get to make fun of her everyday anyway.

Then one day she resigned and tried to make a life somewhere 'out' there. And I was like, whoa, not so fast (me not done looking at your cute face). Anyway, that was the start of an inspiration for me.

How could someone, as fragile looking and as meek as she is, brave the great unknown. I just had to know. I have this uneventful life that I'm trying to make sense of and there YOU are sort of flapping your wings and seeing this great big planet.

I must know.

OR in other words, I want to follow you.

And now, she did another courageous thing. She will give up her career in pursuit of what she love doing.

I was like, are you nuts?! (well if you have a pair that statement would've had more weight)

And as simple as she usually makes things to be she replied something like, "I guess so ... but you could be doing other things ... things you like doing better ... "

I sat there. Looking at the monitor. Dumbfounded. Awed. She utterly defeated me (again).

"... sayang ang oras"

I tapped my finger. It sounded so easy. But it had great sense. There's that fear again. Man, I knew I had more than one reason going after her (ofcourse I'm not doing that now).

To a person like me, dark and brooding, she was radiance. And what do all creatures do when they see a light in a wilderness of night?

Someday I hope. I want to see this world from beyond the sorrounding seas as well.
Of Pet Peeves and the Grand Picture
One time an ex-officemate gave me a link to a site that has the most incredible photography pictures ever. My jaw dropped, I was amazed at the sheer beauty at this pros were able to do with their DSLRs.

I could only look in awe and wonder when will I ever be that good. To think the only thing I really need to do is get the moment and the settings right (which comprises all of the work in photography anyway).

I was looking at the picture for several minutes, switched to another thing I left doing a moment ago, then went to something else again and again.

Pretty soon I forgot the picture.

That troubled me.

It was a really good picture but I just forgot about it just like that. Then it occurred to me why that thing happens.

The pictures, the photos ... no matter how expansively grand it is, will be merely just a thing if it doesn't have meaning. You can say a landscape can be conveyed with emotions by using filters and what not, but it's a passing thing if it's not for anything.

Perhaps that's why I love taking pictures of people. Because above anything else, we're really the only ones putting the emotions in anything. A waterfall, is just that ... a falling body of water. But it's us people who would attach some silly words such as 'weeping' on a waterfall.

I mean, a waterfall cares not if it's weeping or anything. The only thing it does best, uh, is to fall, yeah :D

And so, another round of dreaming of what to take pictures of passing by my mind. I have a good DSLR. The only thing troubling me is that dead pixel in my shots I noticed while I took pictures of those balloons in Clark Air Base. Is it a hardware malfunction or a menacing dust particle inside the mirrors? Fuck.


I hate it when encounter redundancy.

"Oh yeah, and I'd like to order a LARGE coke please."
"Regular, sir?"

I'd look them in the way with evilness. Up until it occurs to them what I just said. And if another second passes by, I say "large" with such a menacing tone that you literally could feel them shiver.

"Sir, meron kayong smaller bill?"
"Yes dear I have a smaller bill, but it's up to me if I want to use it or not don't I?"

Yes, with the same menacing tone and intent. Yeah, I can be a complete scumbag.

On another note, I think I'm not completely degenerate. My personas aren't "voices in my head" per se, or like that movie where I switch consciousness from one person to another. I'm still trying to psychoanalyze my situation but I'm pretty sure it's the same defense mechanism of a weak mind (hah! I've admitted I have a weak mind).

But that's another persona telling me that o.o
I was watching 'My Brilliant Brain' on National Geographic a moment ago. Might I say, it has been long since I got fascinated with anything.

I mean besides watching how rhinos shag in NG.

See, I'm trying to retrace what happened in my childhood up until to the point I turned into an emo-monster. Somewhere along the way, one aspect of my learning process tapered off of which the other began to emerge.

Pretty fascinating. It's like I have this whole black board of my mind filled with scribbles and histories, then relating and comparing it with the NG episode. A lot of things were brought to light. Most especially how learning starts way early.

Some things are still fuzzy however. Since I couldn't explain why I have a short attention span. Making my blog posts read like a hodge-podge of thoughts.


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