One time an ex-officemate gave me a link to a site that has the most incredible photography pictures ever. My jaw dropped, I was amazed at the sheer beauty at this pros were able to do with their DSLRs.

I could only look in awe and wonder when will I ever be that good. To think the only thing I really need to do is get the moment and the settings right (which comprises all of the work in photography anyway).

I was looking at the picture for several minutes, switched to another thing I left doing a moment ago, then went to something else again and again.

Pretty soon I forgot the picture.

That troubled me.

It was a really good picture but I just forgot about it just like that. Then it occurred to me why that thing happens.

The pictures, the photos ... no matter how expansively grand it is, will be merely just a thing if it doesn't have meaning. You can say a landscape can be conveyed with emotions by using filters and what not, but it's a passing thing if it's not for anything.

Perhaps that's why I love taking pictures of people. Because above anything else, we're really the only ones putting the emotions in anything. A waterfall, is just that ... a falling body of water. But it's us people who would attach some silly words such as 'weeping' on a waterfall.

I mean, a waterfall cares not if it's weeping or anything. The only thing it does best, uh, is to fall, yeah :D

And so, another round of dreaming of what to take pictures of passing by my mind. I have a good DSLR. The only thing troubling me is that dead pixel in my shots I noticed while I took pictures of those balloons in Clark Air Base. Is it a hardware malfunction or a menacing dust particle inside the mirrors? Fuck.


I hate it when encounter redundancy.

"Oh yeah, and I'd like to order a LARGE coke please."
"Regular, sir?"

I'd look them in the way with evilness. Up until it occurs to them what I just said. And if another second passes by, I say "large" with such a menacing tone that you literally could feel them shiver.

"Sir, meron kayong smaller bill?"
"Yes dear I have a smaller bill, but it's up to me if I want to use it or not don't I?"

Yes, with the same menacing tone and intent. Yeah, I can be a complete scumbag.

On another note, I think I'm not completely degenerate. My personas aren't "voices in my head" per se, or like that movie where I switch consciousness from one person to another. I'm still trying to psychoanalyze my situation but I'm pretty sure it's the same defense mechanism of a weak mind (hah! I've admitted I have a weak mind).

But that's another persona telling me that o.o