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I'm a Vampire!
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Endless sleep, endless thirst

I've been seeing this online RPG in a lot of websites, and being a geekazoid that I am, I went in.

I am now a member of the Society of Vampiric Individuals.

If Every Prayer Were Answered ...
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Edsa Shrine on a Friday morning ...

Passed by Edsa Shrine today. Just wanted to say a few things.

Get well okay?
Hope your beloved reach you safely tomorrow.

Hope mom and bro is doing okay.
Hope dad should realize what he's doing.

Hope my aunties and uncles are doing fine.
Hope everything is fine.

And, thank You for everything.

Praying means 'asking'. Prayer is reversed thunder.
Of Things That Be
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The whole cast of Survivor:Palawan

Gran has come to visit Manila, and wants to see us. I, for one, is looking forward to it. Even though I'm not even related, she has become a beloved figure in our lives in those four nights in Palawan.

Somethings I Forget About Love
Love is patient, Love is kind,
It does not envy, it does not boast,
It is not proud, It is not rude,
It is not self-seeking,
It is not easily angered,
It keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil,
but rejoices with the truth.

Love always protects, always trusts,
always hopes, always perseveres.

Love bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never ends.

L o v e N e v e r F a i l s.

~ Corinthians 13 : 4 - 8 ~

In my head that has become tied in knots with disappointments, enthusiasm, frustrations, and a myriad of other things, it helps that God made things simple. In our times where there's a book about everything, Idiot's Guides, self-help books, inspirationals, people already have figured it all out a thousand years ago.

Gotta remember that what I desire may not be for the best.

Just be. That's all there is to it ^_^
Bugging Thoughts: Knowing People
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Some people take a lifetime to know.

Had that come out of me in a conversation earlier. And her reply was "so be it".

The argument has no point in it by itself. What I wanted to put across was, what if you need to do something, and that can only happen if you can claim that you know the person?

Sounds unclear, but it's an argument about relationships that only got me thinking lately, not necessarily connected to the conversation. Actually, I've encountered this way, way before.

People take risks in varying degrees. Some just dive in, while others need to examine every possible aspect to consider before stepping in.

Truth be told, I have done both. Here's where things gets as interesting as it is mediocre. You would say those who take careless risks will end up having a sob story, but not every case. And you would say those who did took everything into consideration would live happily, but as you guessed it, not in every case.

I vote that the latter is a logically better choice. You get to know the person in detail, sort of like you check on the ingredients of a detergent before buying it. Quite understandable. Personally, I don't care about the ingredients because I see it as a whole. If the detergent does the job, then it's good. If the other brand does it better, despite the price, and my need is great, then I'll choose that.

But there's the difference between a person and a detergent in that ... people change. We're not static individuals that what you see today will be what you see tomorrow. Sure some things don't change but rest assured, some will anyway. And some emerge after a span of time -- mid life crisis, kids growing up, etc.

People evolve, but couples can decide to grow together despite what they find in each other that they may not like. That takes maturity, and as we all know it can only brought about by time and change and the will to learn. We're not born knowing everything do we?

It doesn't matter how you met, or why. It's more important to know if a couple know where it's going. And how they're brave enough for changes.

Nothing is perfect, then again perfect doesn't work.

But I will fight for you
Be sure that I will fight
Til we're the special two ...

- Missy Higgins, The Special Two
I'm Late
8:35 post meridian, and I'm still here in the office.

I'm missing my fix damn it!

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Fun with Google Earth
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There's me on that corner over there, waving ...

Well if you don't know what this place is, this is Ortigas. That's the Ortigas MRT station on the top left, and then Megamall is beside it and ... our building is the one with the white top on the north path of that intersection at the bottom middle.

Sort of changes perspectives about the world eh?
Hitting Home
Dr. Wilson: "You've changed"
Dr. House: "Ofcourse I change! When I look at the mirror I see more white hairs, I have more wrinkles, sometimes I get bored, sometimes I'm lonely, sometimes I wonder what it all means"

Dr. Wilson: "You're alienating people!"
Dr. House: "I've been alienting people since I was three"

Honestly I feel depressed right now. Dunno if my fix can ... fix me later.
Random Picture: MP3s
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Whenever I place my cursor on an mp3, the song automatically plays in my head -- take note, IN MY HEAD. Not in my earphones ... sigh, I need new mp3s
The Doctor is in the House
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A cynical, crippled doctor who doesn't like seeing patients -- brilliant, just brilliant

"If we make mistakes, people die."

I consider being a doctor one of the 'noble' professions. Schools for those cannot grow overnight, as much as faking licenses can mean jeopardizing people's lives.

So what about Doctor House? He's lazy, caustic, but when something piques his interest, there's no stopping him (gee, I know someone like that -- me). He manipulates people and has an uncanny ability of knowing exactly what a person is with just by a look. And as much as he hates dealing with patients, I hate dealing with clients. Because he's right, there's a tendency to lose the professionalism and rationality.

Especially if your client is a doofus.

I'm better off, because IT clients can still be considered thinking individuals who has needs we can address without theorizing. A doctor's patients can range from mad to retarded. Enough to pull your hair and go mad yourself.

Okay, maybe I'm just exaggerating :) It's a TV series after all.

What makes it all hilarious is the way he's related to his staff and his boss. Especially his boss, Dr. Cuddy XD

The fun part is when he has those 'clinic hours'. He has to deal with patients in the most cruel, but decidedly effective, manner. His dialogues would come out tactless but that's what make it hilarious.

I haven't finished season one, but right now I'm beginning to pick up a loooot of medical jargons. Vasculitis, fibromyalgia, hypogonadism, etc. It's pretty interesting to look up what those are and actually nod your head when a doctor tells them to you.

I guess that's the downpart of the series. I can almost see a pattern at the cases. Someone will faint or lose unconsciousness in the beginning and then Dr. House will attempt to refuse the case but accept it later because he'll finding something "fun" in it. Then again, most other series go the same route o_O And it's fun that he brings along a portable TV (does it have cable?) and a GameBoy when he's bored XD
Let's Talk About Superman, Baby
"Do you know who my favorite comic hero is? It's not Spiderman, or Batman. It's Superman. Why? Not because he's invincible, but because he is born to be a hero. He cannot change who he is."
- rough dialogue of Bill in Kill Bill Vol. 2, film by Quentin Tarantino

Superman Returns will come to the theatres soon.

Yeah, I have been a very big fan of Superman when I was a kid. I mean gee whiz, he's the super hero who'll end all other super heroes. If not for that damnable kryptonite. I asked mum to buy me a Superman costume. Guess what she got me -_-

She got me a pansy Robin suit instead.

I mean come on, you call that dud a superhero? If I'm to wear my underwear after my pants it has to be like how Superman wears his underwear after his pants.

I'd been reminiscing the movies of old where Christopher Reeves starred as the man of steel, and it's only then I realized that he's really good for his role. Except that the sequels sorta suck. Gene Hackman is too much of a joke for someone as sinister as Lex Luthor.

That part has been a paradox for me by the way. I mean Lex is a mere weak human, so why the hell can't Superman just sink his fist into his face? Is it because Lex can think two steps ahead? Or is Superman just plain dumb. That can't be! I mean I can see Superman talk to himself a lot of times before he does something (okay, lol). That's gotta mean he's at least of average IQ and not all brawn. He should at least be good at words because he's a journalist for crying out loud.

Now we have a studly, previously-unknown actor donning the mantle. I could only speculate the tragedy of such choice of actors. Because you know, there's such a thing as being cursed for being known in only one movie and become so-so in others you take subsequently.

I'd take a couple of actors in LotR for example. Viggo and Orlando will only be Aragorn and Legolas to me whenever I see them. I mean just look at Orlando in Troy. He's reprising his role as an archer in that film. Was it to let movie goers have something to relate Mr. Bloom with? Or was this role in LotR could have some subliminal effect on audiences? Who knows ... maybe it just so happened that Paris did shoot arrows at ankles. Can't recall correctly and too lazy to research =_= Viggo on the other hand had that horse race movie (forgot the title), and I'd think he have a poor Western accent. It seems he's always better looking messy and hairy XD

Okay back to work.
What is tomorrow?

Tomorrow is ...

... believing it's good for something
... the chance to change
... to wake up from dreaming
... doing that thing you mean to do
... saying 'hi' to beloveds all over again
... fixing what's broken today
... just today waiting to happen
... an unrepeatable miracle
... going that trip!
... completing what's incomplete
... another way to do something different

so what is tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the day I must shave. And iron my clothes. lol

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Disney 2001
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He sat on the bench looking at the passing people.

They have faces, but to him, they're all faceless. Each one looking like the other even though all of them are different. Why is this so? He asks himself.

He's in another land, cold and chilling. He is in Disney. A place where people should be happy and merry.

Yet to him this place is void of color and living souls. The only color he can see is gray and the only sensation he can feel is the biting frost-laden air. Was it even frost? He doesn't even know.

All of this is new to him.

On his left is a child sinking her face in a big cotton candy, delightfully messing her cheeks with pink stains. To his right is a stall selling souvenirs and trinkets. All gaudy and loud in color. On the far distance is a train for viewing the whole place. And somewhere one could spy balloons casually being let go into the big open sky.

This is a place where people should be happy and merry, he told himself again.

He's seen this in TV when as a child -- the ultimate paradise. To the bright eyes of a youngster, this is where people should live all their lives. Where Mickey Mouse and Pluto would just be around bringing nothing but smiles. Pluto was his favorite Disney character, more so than the others because he loves puppies and canines.

I guess I was too late.

The continual twinkling of background music is muted to him. He wandered into the night, with the lights of boutiques and merry-go-rounds the only things guiding him along the way.

Upon midnight he chanced upon the place where the main closing event will be held.

And there it was.

The most spectacular show of lights and rainbow colors only the miracle of man could have come up with. Laser holograms and blazing fire works everywhere peppered the night sky with beautiful blossoms of pyrotechnic marvel.

Yet the biting frost-laden wind was felt more.

This is a place where people should be happy and merry.

He went home with a colorless memory of everything that happened.
Summer's Exhale
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Was rummaging through some pics. Would like to go back there again.
A New Experiment on Self Project
This blog, as I have said before, was actually an experiment on myself, a relative dissection of how I think in an abstract way.

Now I have come up with a new experiment.

I figured, that since my memory is as mercurial as stormcloud shapes, I'd like to bank in anecdotes in this blog for no other reason than just to record it. How mercurial? Get this. The worst situation was when I forget what I just said five minutes before.

And with that, it's open season! ^_^

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Er, Happy Thoughts :)
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Booze + bands = Happy Hermit

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Man, what an evil evil drink. It doesn't smell, but the hangover caused my brain to rot.

Happy Birthday D3wd! You really know how to throw up a par-tay!
Prose: Quasimodo
- Q.Montejo

That song made me do this one. Blech, need to think happy thoughts.

I cannot write another poem
If it will only mean you are not for me
Let it be that all my windows be tarnished
All stained and mourning of this day's light

I cannot listen to you again
Not only because it hurt or it stings
But because I cannot see your eyes wanting me
An unfair trade when all I can see in you is beauty

I cannot fight a losing cause
If it's not a voice calling out my name
One that will lift me from this quiet anguish
So please understand if I don't know what to do

I cannot accept my deliverance
Unless I wipe away the taint from my windows
Even if I did, there has to be a sun out for me
And not all these monotone clouds blanketing my sky
Here's To Love
If there's a couple I hate, there's also a couple on the other side of the spectrum :)

To date, I hold two people with tons amount of respect and love. There are times that these people do pass by, and I can't help but regret that I haven't thanked God enough that they came by this hermit's life.

The first one, let's just say I'm using her words as how she described me when I came to her life. I came when she was in her worst of moods, shutting off the world and feeling miserable. Yet there I was, barging in like a bandit and making an even messier mess (lol). Oh but it was a happy mess I made wasn't it?

Then and there, I've found someone who'd listen to me when I am philosophizing about the world. Or when I'm generally in an insulting mood (my past time). Or doing and talking about the most inane and silly things. Such as letting her paint my nails black, lol.

The second, I hold a salute. That's to think we have only one weird connection when we first met. Then came the trials and tribulations we went through, and might I say, I will gladly follow no other leader than her. Yeap, she's also a woman :) With all that happened, I'll go to hell and back fearlessly because I know she'll do the same for me. She was there when I got my ass kicked. She was there when I got burnt. She was there when I almost burst into a mad rage. That's to think she has many other burdens to carry. I know a strong woman when I see one.

And she freely tells me stories about her life like I've been her best friend. That long walk in Julia Vargas avenue is time enough to know a lot about a person. And for all that, I'm glad.

Knowing I had these two people, I know there is something for me to go on with this life. Even if I have to live it alone.

I have a wish though. I want to see them again one last time this year before I wander off and go away. Just to say 'thank you'.
Here's to Hate
I must admit, I am capable of intense hate.

Everybody knows harboring such is ultimately self-destructive, but let me digress -- it is a part of who I am. If it is taken away from me, I am no longer complete.

And to that, I hold a history of intense hate to a couple of people. One, whom once been a part of my world now lingers in my mind like gangrene. But that one is easy to set aside. And in my idle musings, I could even barely recall what really has transpired. Besides, nothing can change a whining loser no matter what kind of self-help books are out available there. I blame my own ignorance, but it was through a friend that I was able to discover a lot of things below my nose.

But the second, this one takes the cake. Once what is called respect has become the opposite, and even going farther than that. Oh, I can be civil, I can be professional, I can even crack a joke and even talk sense. But a fucker will always be a fucker. Never again will I let anyone feel bad about myself. Don't mistake my expressionless face for tolerance.

I am my own king. Treat me poorly and you'll pay dearly for doing so.

Don't get me wrong, they're not evil. Let's just say some turn of events just bring out the worst in me, something I'm surprised with myself even. I try to rise above it ofcourse. Like thinking, would I still feel ill about it ten, twenty years from now?

It's pathetic I know, but I try to study how I think as well.

It is rare, but there are times that I never forgive. Forget maybe, but never forgive. It's like you still have that emotion, but have lost the reason for it. I am no advocate of vengeance, perhaps it shows I still have a heart despite black moods.

So as not to destroy myself further, the first thing I do is walk away.

Hence, one of the reason I become a hermit.
It's Raining !!
Let's Talk About Life, Baby Part II
"I hated it that you're always right, that's why I went away. I wanted to live my life, even if it means making mistakes."
- line from Cowboy Bebop

Dear oh dear oh dear.

Despite my poor memory, I can recall from my gut how those words were said to me once or twice before. It really, really sucks when your most noble of intentions just couldn't be heard or understood. People do mistake your actions for your intentions.

I've always been the cautious one. The one who goes by the rules and obey orders just so there wouldn't be any trouble. I mean if you could live life in one go, why not? Why make mistakes if you can see them beforehand and swerve away? It just doesn't make sense to rush in foolishly and get your knees skinned does it?

Yet despite logically thinking about it, people, and sometimes even myself, _do_ and _need_ to make that mistake. Some lessons can only be learned that way. Some things you will never discover about yourself unless you find yourself saying that big "Oh, no".

What of it then? You can still get the lesson without the lash. There will always be ways to do so. Look into others. Be introspective. Contemplate often.

Ah, hermit words.
The Travelling Hermit: Rainy Days and Independence Day
Since I was bored out of my skull last weekend, I decided to go and haunt places.

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Rainy scene from the 2nd floor of the condo. I love this view in the morning. I hate it when irresponsible people from other rooms leave trash on the floor.

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Street kids wandering around in the rain. Yeah, used to do that a lot when I was a kid. And yeah, I was also a street urchin. Coming home looking like a rag and smell like I dunked into a canal.

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My beloved Mandaluyong along with the floods. That's the Divine Mercy church at the right of which constitutes the Boni Circle.

Come Independence Day, I've decided to sample food everywhere within my jurisdiction of hauntings.

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This has got to be the most horrible food decoration I've ever seen. That's a fish that has been tragically pin-cushioned by red chilli peppers -- not visually enticing. The other meals they serve reeks of MSG. Well, what would you expect in a food court?

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While I was on my way back to Boni, I've chanced upon a branch of Frio Mixx just a block away from the circle. I have beloved memories of these establishments because of the sumptuous tomato-based pasta they serve (albeit not of satisfactory quantity). They serve tasty crepes too. My favorite cold crepe is that banana type, and the hot (warm?) one would be that one with bacon tidbits -- oh, it's called Hungarian. Very nice for hungary people like me, nyuk nyuk.

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Behold -- the infamous RJ's. They have really nice bulalo, and their value meals are cooked right before you order them. None of that re-heated tripe in other food establishments. So here, you can expect a hot, satisfying meal along with your favorite drink. I took mine along with a bottle of Colt 45 :}
The Travelling Hermit: Trip to Tagaytay
Well well well, here we have another installment of the hermit's adventures.

The trip was a despedida party to Mich who's going to Greece! See ya when ya get there! Thanks for everything!

Now if you really want excitement, skip the pictures and go straight at the bottom of this post. No, seriously, not for the weak-hearted.

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Smell the air, hear the strumming ...

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It was still a pretty hot day going to Tagaytay, but the air con was good enough in the van.

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Took this picture of Caenden's hand. They're pretty ^_^ lucky is the guy who gets to hold them

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Again smell the air ... *breaaaathheee*

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I'm watching you watch over me, I like that, the Greatest View from here ...

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Mmmm, alchohol. I really don't drink that much anymore though.

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It's a nice house but ...


Okay, the highlight (or should I say anticlimax) of the trip was like a scene from The Exorcist *insert twilight zone tune here* o_O

Yeap. You heard me.

Somebody got posessed.

I think we got a bit too rowdy that we disturbed a spirit inhabiting the house where we stayed. And boy, was it angry. People were all frightened I guess because of the incident.

Okay, now I'm going to insert a comical part, starring yours truly.

Imagine this. I was drunk. And for all those who know me when drunk, it wouldn't be a surprise. They carried the girl who got posessed back to the room and prayed there repeatedly to exorcise the spirit.

Oh, nothing too different from that you say. Except I was in the same room, drunk and sleeping.

I woke up hearing the sound of the prayers, got up a bit dazed and ... went back to sleep. Beside the posessed girl. Or so Wilson said I did.

I did got up again and this time Chuck beckoned me to come out of the room in a hushed voice. I looked back inside and saw the commotion. Everybody outside was either silent, looked horrified, or praying along.

I went outside, sat on the floor, and moments later ... lied down.

Anyway, morning came and I noticed nobody was speaking about last night. I would've cracked a joke about it but they might gang bang me or something. At least things went fine from then on.

And so I record it in my blog ... muhahaha

EDIT: I lightly suspect that I was also to blame for the spiritual disturbance -- that night, I was running around screaming like a wild java man with my shirt off in the presence of twenty or so onlookers. I wasn't even drunk then.
"Life is a nasty professor that teaches you both ends of a mistake".

Hah, made that one up while heaving breakfast and staring at my orange juice.
I sometimes believe
That this world is not for me
If only because I'm never "there"
Or be "here" when it counts the most

I've let down people
I've disappointed crowds
But the deal was never with them was it?
And so I believe this world is not for me

Yet in my most fevered dreams
I believe the reason I'm here or
The reason I should be around and such
Is because, I only need to meet you ... just you

After that my life is complete
The circle is closed, and I'm ready to leave
Take all my memories with me and exit this fate
Look only ahead as I gently close the door behind me ...
Currently, I'm being toasted. So, no updates for this week and up until next week. Argh.

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