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A cynical, crippled doctor who doesn't like seeing patients -- brilliant, just brilliant

"If we make mistakes, people die."

I consider being a doctor one of the 'noble' professions. Schools for those cannot grow overnight, as much as faking licenses can mean jeopardizing people's lives.

So what about Doctor House? He's lazy, caustic, but when something piques his interest, there's no stopping him (gee, I know someone like that -- me). He manipulates people and has an uncanny ability of knowing exactly what a person is with just by a look. And as much as he hates dealing with patients, I hate dealing with clients. Because he's right, there's a tendency to lose the professionalism and rationality.

Especially if your client is a doofus.

I'm better off, because IT clients can still be considered thinking individuals who has needs we can address without theorizing. A doctor's patients can range from mad to retarded. Enough to pull your hair and go mad yourself.

Okay, maybe I'm just exaggerating :) It's a TV series after all.

What makes it all hilarious is the way he's related to his staff and his boss. Especially his boss, Dr. Cuddy XD

The fun part is when he has those 'clinic hours'. He has to deal with patients in the most cruel, but decidedly effective, manner. His dialogues would come out tactless but that's what make it hilarious.

I haven't finished season one, but right now I'm beginning to pick up a loooot of medical jargons. Vasculitis, fibromyalgia, hypogonadism, etc. It's pretty interesting to look up what those are and actually nod your head when a doctor tells them to you.

I guess that's the downpart of the series. I can almost see a pattern at the cases. Someone will faint or lose unconsciousness in the beginning and then Dr. House will attempt to refuse the case but accept it later because he'll finding something "fun" in it. Then again, most other series go the same route o_O And it's fun that he brings along a portable TV (does it have cable?) and a GameBoy when he's bored XD