"Do you know who my favorite comic hero is? It's not Spiderman, or Batman. It's Superman. Why? Not because he's invincible, but because he is born to be a hero. He cannot change who he is."
- rough dialogue of Bill in Kill Bill Vol. 2, film by Quentin Tarantino

Superman Returns will come to the theatres soon.

Yeah, I have been a very big fan of Superman when I was a kid. I mean gee whiz, he's the super hero who'll end all other super heroes. If not for that damnable kryptonite. I asked mum to buy me a Superman costume. Guess what she got me -_-

She got me a pansy Robin suit instead.

I mean come on, you call that dud a superhero? If I'm to wear my underwear after my pants it has to be like how Superman wears his underwear after his pants.

I'd been reminiscing the movies of old where Christopher Reeves starred as the man of steel, and it's only then I realized that he's really good for his role. Except that the sequels sorta suck. Gene Hackman is too much of a joke for someone as sinister as Lex Luthor.

That part has been a paradox for me by the way. I mean Lex is a mere weak human, so why the hell can't Superman just sink his fist into his face? Is it because Lex can think two steps ahead? Or is Superman just plain dumb. That can't be! I mean I can see Superman talk to himself a lot of times before he does something (okay, lol). That's gotta mean he's at least of average IQ and not all brawn. He should at least be good at words because he's a journalist for crying out loud.

Now we have a studly, previously-unknown actor donning the mantle. I could only speculate the tragedy of such choice of actors. Because you know, there's such a thing as being cursed for being known in only one movie and become so-so in others you take subsequently.

I'd take a couple of actors in LotR for example. Viggo and Orlando will only be Aragorn and Legolas to me whenever I see them. I mean just look at Orlando in Troy. He's reprising his role as an archer in that film. Was it to let movie goers have something to relate Mr. Bloom with? Or was this role in LotR could have some subliminal effect on audiences? Who knows ... maybe it just so happened that Paris did shoot arrows at ankles. Can't recall correctly and too lazy to research =_= Viggo on the other hand had that horse race movie (forgot the title), and I'd think he have a poor Western accent. It seems he's always better looking messy and hairy XD

Okay back to work.