"I hated it that you're always right, that's why I went away. I wanted to live my life, even if it means making mistakes."
- line from Cowboy Bebop

Dear oh dear oh dear.

Despite my poor memory, I can recall from my gut how those words were said to me once or twice before. It really, really sucks when your most noble of intentions just couldn't be heard or understood. People do mistake your actions for your intentions.

I've always been the cautious one. The one who goes by the rules and obey orders just so there wouldn't be any trouble. I mean if you could live life in one go, why not? Why make mistakes if you can see them beforehand and swerve away? It just doesn't make sense to rush in foolishly and get your knees skinned does it?

Yet despite logically thinking about it, people, and sometimes even myself, _do_ and _need_ to make that mistake. Some lessons can only be learned that way. Some things you will never discover about yourself unless you find yourself saying that big "Oh, no".

What of it then? You can still get the lesson without the lash. There will always be ways to do so. Look into others. Be introspective. Contemplate often.

Ah, hermit words.