Haven't freestyled a poem in a long while. Here's an allegory.

Should I go with this
Rollercoaster ride?
One that I have ridden
So many times before
All I have after it is
The pain in my head +_+

I never asked myself
If I was doing it wrong
Step on a train
And go for the ride
That was my motto
I am my worst spoiler
Bringer of my own demise

It never occured to me
To stop -- and spare myself
This rollercoaster ride
Isn't all that bad
It isn't all that good either
Never was cynical
Not exactly optimist either

Guess I just want
The breeze to pass me by
As the car goes for
The screaming descent
Frightful isn't it?
Yet delightful altogether

Sometimes I scream
Too soon for the fall
Other times, too late :)
Could be this time
It'll be alright

Or ...

Maybe I should just
Go home and sleep
Lie down and realize that
My heart is just the same
Always going for the ride
Never wisening up anyway