Here I am talking about that damnable MMORPG, RAN Online.

Yeah, it's not the best looking out there, and God knows how severely crippled the character renders are, but the writer in their website can ... write. I love good words put together you see, and the way they use them there makes me want to play the game some more.

No, it's not a subliminal way of getting you to your nearest computer rental shop by injecting your eyes with words like "Play now" or "We are cool" or "This game will blow your mind away" or any of that shit. This one actually uses words like "democracy" and "anarchy". It's almost political in its way of conveying how that virtual world works like in real life, but with lots of brutal maimings ^_^

A bit of an interesting factor is that its free. Which means, neanderthals like me as well as snotty 11 year olds can play the game. Unfortunately perhaps, is that the game is a cesspool of rotten people. Oh there are some good eggs, but then again putting a fresh apple in a basket of rotten ones has pretty predictable results.

Then again, I like it that way. Almost role-playing my hermitty tendencies and proceeding to dismember wandering spirits alone and watching other people do the same. The battles can be glorious at higher levels, or so I reckon. With the GMs conducting events while gangs (yes, gangs! This is a school simulation in the first place) orchestrate attacks on other schools.

Mmm, blessed are the broadbands.

Now what to add to the experience? One word, baby: music. No you cannot rely on the in-game BGMs. If your phone has music capabilities (like mine) or some portable mp3 player handy, things can get going for the gaming experience. Yeah, pump up the volume and you'll know what I mean.