Damn it, what an epic battle ... again XD

Those techies were fun to use. Good thing my tanker was able to tank.

Now there's the matter of my int brawler. I really only want to use just one and have it go to high levels. Knowing me, I'd be so capricious as to have changed chars many times before sticking to one that is almost 'perfect'. Sometimes choosing a name for a char takes time itself XD hehehe

I want to know if it was a waste mastering that Ronin Slash too early. If not, I'll delete the brawler. Then again, he has a cooler name. ~_~ Add to the fact that, there's probably lotsa swordsmen already out there, and that int brawlers would be rarer :)

*ramble ramble*

Okay, delete the int swordsman. My second char would be an out of this world shaman. That is, after I get EaterOfOni to high-o levels. I'll name her ... wait a minute, she wears a Chun-li dress. Blech ... will think about it.