Had a meeting with the Heartbreakers Club last Saturday in Krok's after watching MI:3. Gee, the movie was fun at the most. Unfortunately, I didn't understand the twists of the story [somebody fill me up on that?].

Terrorist: "Ey guys, where in blazes are you?"
Pornographic Mind: "Duh, we're here in Glorietta, dumbass."
Terrorist: "Wtf? I thought we'll be in GB3?"
Pornographic Mind: "Weird, I messaged it as 'g4'"
Mister Lover Boy: (overhearing) "Well, I'm here ain't I?"
Terrorist: !@#!$%^@$^@#%@$#$
Mister Lover Boy: "Chicks." (while shrugging shoulders)
Pornographic Mind: "Yeah. Chicks."

I gave them their shirts I got for them in Palawan. Should've bought the same designs, hehehe. I'd sell their kidneys to the black market in an instant though.

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These things are no longer having the desired effect. Dire times indeed ...

In my euphoric state of mind, which is not often lately, I am complaining about the lack of things to complain about [laki ng problema ko no?]. It's as if as numb as my limbs go when I'm intoxicated, my pain receptors are taking about a mile to travel to inform my brain when I should be saying "ouch" in the mere instant of a pin prick. But no, that's not to be the case.

I have a supreme lack of desire. For anything. Well, maybe not about MMOs, but you know? Stuff that matters? I used to tell myself that I'm in a permanent state of adolescence [thankfully, without the angst episodes]. And now it is so ingrained in me that I need to effing get out of it.

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This is what my camera sees. It's pretty different with eyes with a lingering hangover

Perhaps, I'd be one of those rare people who'd say something like, "Wow, it's a beautiful gloomy day!" I love the cool, windy weather. Never mind the sun, it causes skin cancer anyway [tee hee]. To me it means hot cocoa, in front of the TV, watching some cool flick. It also means snuggling in bed and rolling on blankets like a buffalo in a mud bath.

Also, it's these kinds of weather that I get to dream a lot.

Yeah, for some paranormal trait of mine, this is when I get to have lots of dreams. Just last Sunday I have like five dreams total, each different from the other [slept at around 8pm]. No, they're not like omenous ones from some psycho freak show. They're more like a reflection of what I really wanted in life.

And the most interesting ones?

Ah yes, those. Dreams of what-could-have-beens. And dreams of where-are-you's. Of the two, the latter I want to avoid. Simply because, upon waking up, I can only half-remember it, but the emotion left in me is sadness. I think it's a remnant of a childhood yearning. Sort of like looking for a long lost toy, or a place I once visited and wanted going back there.

When I grew up, it turned into dreams of looking for people I wanted to be with. Yeah, it's a melancholic kind of aftertaste. I differentiate dreams from nightmares ofcourse. Even though nightmares are simply just a bad dream.

But anyway, June is but a fort night away. Last weekend's typhoon is but the first among many in our little tropical country.