Went for beer last night.

Geez, haven't gone to places like Dencio's [not that I miss it] for the last three months o_O

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Aww, they're wearing the bracelets I got for them in Sagada. Didn't notice I got them in pairs ^_^

Ahh, I still have a hangover ~_~

Last night, Caenden was like, "You are so not getting drunk this time dumbass." Which reminds me why I decided not to drink myself silly anymore.

And I went, "Aaaawwwwww T_T." I've managed to slip a few swigs from bottles while they were not looking though XD


It's raining :)

My original element. People hate it when it rains. I don't ^_^ ofcourse, I only love the rain, not the flood that comes with it o_O

I hope the humidity drops when I get back home.