Lately, I've been having cravings for beef salpicao. And I've been getting them at Binalot, located just along the stretch of Boni. I walk there right from the MRT station.

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Sometimes my mouth water just by thinking about this

Tender beef. Mildly but delectably sweet. Garnished with mushrooms. T_T


Most of us take for granted the beauty just around your home. We often go to other places just so we can witness a spectacular sunrise or that tear-inducing sunset.

I, on the other hand, need not go anywhere far. I can see one right outside the window.

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Amidst the silhoutte of my neighbor's roofs, the sun rises in the east :)

Ofcourse, with the rising of the sun, I thought of playing my guitar. It is sort of a spiritual thing for me. When everything is quiet, and the only sound is the strumming of the strings and my voice [albeit throaty].

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My guitar on the porch. Along with my roommates' towels and the clothes lines. Romantic urban setting eh?

Right then and there, I didn't know looking at things upon the misty ray of dawn gives things a gentle color outside.

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I haven't really noticed that we have coconut trees growing around

Oh, but at night, when only the fluorescence of artifical lights are alive, the place I call home surprised me when I took its picture ...

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The condo where I stay. It never is much, but I loved the simplicity of it all. Been here for more than 3 years. That's a computer rental shop at the foreground. Quite convenient since our room is just upstairs :)