It's hot out there x_X

And everynight I'm incessantly bitten by flying menaces [called mosquitoes]. At times I think my legs are full of homing marks that they have to always make it a habit to punch my skin with their proboscis.

Not to worry, however, because I bought a mosquito spray!

Begone incarnations of annoyance. May those hungry spiders up the ceiling be your only source of solace from the chemical mantle of Off! [the brand. whatever]

That reminds me, I need to wipe those cobwebs off as well. Sigh.


A teammate just retired.

Yeah, you can do that after five years. I could as well. And so, little by little I'm entertaining the same idea. Why not?

Even though I still have pending stints for overseas assignments, I guess that's no longer enough for me nowadays. I once did it for the money, only to earn a lingering hatred for certain types of people. If I do it for the money again, what else would come with it, I wonder?

I guess I'm looking for adventure. A different environment so to speak. Stagnance creates this kind of sleepy-eyed creature that I am now. If I depend on others to give me that dynamism, then I might as well be going nowhere at all.

And as several friends who've already gone away told me, "You'll never know what's your worth if you don't go out there".

What to do?


Sleepy. On a monday morning. Ho-hum.