We are all players in this game. But for some people like me, I didn't want to be in the game of life. Where I had to fuss about being "there" and all that shite. No, no, I've got other plans in mind. Ofcourse, if I do get a taste of the good stuff, I'd be addicted to it. Then again, that's what I'm avoiding. I will never stop not having enough. I want what I have, right here, right now.

I mean, think about it. The world would be a more peaceful place to live in if that would be the case. But as most of the other half of the world's philosophers would angrily shake their fists at, "Naw, but humanity will rot you buffoon"!

Pfft, those old fogies.

I've been catching that phrase in Animax over and over again, from Full Metal Alchemist:

"Humanity cannot achieve anything unless something of equal or greater value is lost."
- first rule of alchemy

I did read stuff about medieval alchemy, and I would've thought that the ultimate goal of it was to invent the process to produce gold from other stuff. Incidentally, that sort of thing is possible at this day and age, so long as you have a convenient atom smasher in your backyard and a couple of metallic isotopes ready.

But back to our discussion.

Humans are capricious creatures. I am no exception. I would sometimes wonder about situations when other people have more. Or other people are blessed more, you know, with all the good stuff handed down from ancestors or parents who got it good. I, on the other hand, never had such things. My blessings were a loving family and a functional brain. Which is, in most cases, sufficient to get going in this frame of life.

Some, and might I say, well-off people would have other things to complain about. And then I would think, are they effing nuts? Do they even appreciate what they already have? In comes various plots for soap operas you see in TV and you get the idea.

Oh, but let's leave that over there. It will be an eternal rule of mortal life anyway. Just pointing out the obvious.

Where'd I get my procastinating view of the world, you may ask? I guess from various sources. Eastern philosophy, Dilbert, etc. etc. And one would ask, would I be adamant not to change this kind of perspective in life?

Hell no!

Change is necessary. I am only being like this right now because of my needs and priorities (or lack thereof). The situation makes the man you know. Much as the clothes make the man [as said by Mark Twain]. When my needs evolve, that is when I would take up measures to act differently in a situation.

You could say I'm in the passive individualist phase. Go with the drift, let things rein in and do what is necessary to get through. Plan a little, but it only really is for myself. Let the exciting stuff show itself along the way. If it comes, hook on to it and take the rollercoaster ride. Sleep on it if it's in for a long haul. Take pictures, write about it. You know? That sort of thing.

And as such, my blog is a reflection of those kinds of things. So there. More talks about life in the future, baby.