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Before anything, I've just added links to parts of my blog with nice pictures from this year's travels. Not complete though.

And now for the bad news.

I have a piece of sharp danggit fragment lodged in my esophagus somewhere. No, it's not from the goodies I got from Cebu. I got it from eating breakfast in Chowking, right before my morning jog.


I can feel it's lodged in there. It gives out a prick of sensation (not pain ... yet) when I swallow. Couldn't probe it because of the gag reflex T_T
The Travelling Hermit: Trip to Cebu
Five days in Cebu. Whew.

Let me start first by saying thanks to the Heartbreak Club for making this happen, Mr. Asshole (everybody hates him, heck even I hate him, hehe peace dude) for organizing the whole trip and Mr. Lova-lova (everybody loves him, but you won't hear me say that, nyuk nyuk nyuk) for the shutterbug factor and putting up with my jerky attitude.

I would say Cebu is like Manila, only the people there party harder! It felt like the place is invaded though. Foreigners are everywhere (most notably Korean tourists).

Since the good pictures are not in yet, looks like we have to settle for my humble camera phone :}

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Reached Cebu at about 9pm, Wednesday

We went canyoning in Tison falls, but the pictures for that aren't in yet T_T

Oh well, moving along ...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is Hilton Hotel. We went on a cloudy day. The place is nice :) Was trying to get a shot of the reflection on the emerald waters

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The pool below it has a spectacular view and arrangement

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Have you ever had the feeling that all of things you see seem familiar but it really isn't? That's what made Cebu magical I guess. Excuse my face on the last panel. I just wanted to put it somewhere, hehehe

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Cebu is a land of histories. Many historical buildings are left in ruins, which is sort of sad. Measures are being made to do something about it though :)

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I have a keen interest in botany. This shot is taken from a would-have-been place of staying when we arrived

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is in Tabuan, where you will smell the place before you even get there. On a really hot day, the aroma can be overwhelming (we went there when the weather was cool)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Kissed the guitar that accompanied me when my heart hungers for music. Grace must be jealous XD

I'd like to go there again. Maybe during Sinulog :)

I do hope the cameras will live to see another trip o_O
Random Thoughts Random Pictures: The Dying Hand
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Taking the right side shot

It is said that people's faces are not symmetrical. That is, your left eye maybe a bit larger than the other, or your teeth are slightly adjusted to the right instead of being in the middle.

I, on the otherhand, favor showing the left side of my face to the camera simply because I think it's my 'best' side. Some favor having the camera catching them slightly on top. Yeah, people are strange in many little ways. I took a picture of the right side of my face to sort of symbolize accepting what I'm not proud of myself. Because you know, I have this twisted affair with imperfections and well, we all have to live with such things.

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Of simple meals and humble tables ...

After coming home from night shift, I take my breakfast (dinner) at a cafeteria just in front of the condo. Ofcourse the place is nothing spectacular, just an ordinary establishment where employees from nearby factories take their meals.

I'm just a bit nostalgic of the days when I used to live in a picturesque "bahay kubo". Complete with pawid roof and sawali walls.

It was those days that it feels sooo great waking up early in the morning. It's funny because you literally feel the wind coming through the walls (sawali is merely flattened bamboo enmeshed to form a crude wall). Since our 'house' stood just on the edge of the coffee plantations, you could feel the chill of early morning air from outside right to your bed (haha, with kulambo even).

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One day I tried to draw ...

Since I'm so engrossed with the online games I've been playing, I tried making a rendition of my swordsman. But to my surprise, I couldn't draw a decent figure. Which resulted me feeling frustrated and disappointed.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to pursue the arts, being trapped in practicality and well ... procrastination. I want to draw again. Something really good.

Funny just now I remembered making a water color painting on a large oslo paper. It's that of Calvin and Hobbes sleeping under a tree. One of my simple masterpieces I'm proud of and like thinking every now and then. Did I keep it?


It was actually a gift :} yeah, the romantic side of me took control and made it. I never really was able to return the C&B I borrowed from her XD it's still with me up to this day.
The Broken Window Theory
I've been reading through a panel of Alien loves Predator comic >>click here<<

I've realized that yeah, once you see trash on the floor, pretty soon you'll see more. Why? If it looks okay that it remains there, people think it'll be okay to 'add a bit' to the garbage. Because hey, if it's there at least the cleaners can have it easy to clean all in one big sweep. Wrong :p

Treating small crimes as seriously as big crimes almost makes sense. If law is as meticulous as that, would you think it'll add up to big crimes being controlled? I know of the old bubblegum tales in Singapore, but if people could implement discipline at such a basic level, what more with much more important issues?

One has to consider though, that as stringent as these kind of implementations are, there will always be people feeling strangled. Or those who start whining about Orwell's "Big Brother" crap.

Kung nahihiya kang magkalat, mahihiya ka ring lumabag sa ibang patakaran ng lipunan.
I <3 M.B.

Younger Michelle Branch singing 'Goodbye To You'

Man, I love this one because it's one of my old 'chilling out' songs. Wish I got its mp3 when I went to Sagada.

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Song + Waterfalls = Bliss
Portrait of a Bored, Nocturnal Hermit
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"Ikaw ba ay nalolongkot at walang makaosap?"

Hey I was bored. And I need to put on some weight and stuff those cheeks with some flesh.

Getting back those pounds seem difficult now though.
Random Thoughts: So It Has Begun
Going on an interview tomorrow.

First time in eight years. It feels weird, having to apply for a job after being in the bin for almost a decade. Problem with this one is, it's 11 AM, and I'm coming from the night shift.

The interviewer must be damn ready to face a catatonic interviewee, if not irritable. Woo.


Now for a meme.

As I have mentioned, I've been playing RAN Online and as we all know, the community at which you immerse yourself into have some 'by-words'

One such word is 'amf', short for 'am fotah', and is generously used in Pinoy online game culture.

So I was renting for a seat in a games cafe and the lady who was managing the PCs was having trouble with one of them. She asked for help with one of the gamers (probably a regular) and he said, "Sus, di marunong amf'.

In my mind was like 'LOL, what the hell'.

And then it struck me. I was actually saying 'LOL' o_O oh dear.

There are other funky words I picked up, but they're too obscure to even bother XD
In the Wake of MMORPGs

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Since games like those are pumping in my veins my mind just came up with an idea.

I've fancied it for a long time, but I would love to have an MMORPG in Pinoy setting. But you might think, what the hell would make it interesting?

In comes one of my long-lost literary children: Salamanca 1806.

I've attempted to turn that thing into a manga, but seeing as how I don't have the time or patience to hone my drawing skills, I can only but store bits of information and ideas about it in my Dark Giant Planet blog. Unfortunately, most of the stuff is stored in my head somewhere.

The setting is set in a period of the Spanish colonial rule. The spiritual world is leaking into ours. Since it was never meant for the mortal inhabitants of this side to coexist with the supernatural denizens of the spirit world, conflict is bound to happen.

Each side wants to know what is happening, but some wants to benefit from the chaos.

One thing I learned about making stories though, is that it can get really really tiring. You really must have creative juices running thru that brain and effectively convey it in words. The latter skill of which I am lacking.

*grumble* *grumble*
Here are the classes / races for each side:

1. White Cleric - defensive holy user (special spell: Holy Armor)
2. Black Cleric - the exorcists, offensive holy user (special weapon: Mace of Contrition)
3. Psychics - got the idea from the Spirit Questors, defensive spiritist (special ability: Third Eye)
4. Hunter Seeker - offensive weapons user (special weapon: Hunter Seeker Sword)
5. Plague Summoner - the much maligned 'mambabarang', offensive shaman (special spell: Summon Flesh Eater Swarm)
6. Wizard - the infamous salamankeros (or the local Harry Potters), offensive magic user (special ability: Intelligence)
7. Herbalist - the local albulario (?), defensive shaman (special spell: Ward)

1. Bale - tikbalang :) defensive earth spirit (special ability: Agility)
2. Chibling - small child-like fey spirit, the evil ones are called 'tiyanaks' (special spell: Confusion)
3. Capre - big and hairy offensive earth spirit (special ability: Strength)
4. Sorceral - offensive fey spirit, said to be of royalty in the spirit world (special spell: Gate)
5. Duende - bearded little men, sort of like dwarves, defensive earth elemental (special ability: Toughness)
6. The Lost - mortal ghosts that were denied heaven's gates but has not been sentenced to either Purgatory or Hell, offensive mortal spirit (special spell: Madness)
7. Invis - mysterious spirits that were supposed to be the soul of conceived babies, but developed without a mortal body, defensive mortal spirit (special spell: Blind)

Needless to say, this is the world inhabited by my character Jillian Ibarraconmienda, a hunter seeker looking for her father who got lost in the spirit world.

Ah well, maybe someday I'd make a book and/or the mmorpg. Yeah. I can dream.

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Another morning has come again. But it will be night time on the body clock for me.

I missed watching a nice dawn. It gives this fresh feel to everything.

High and Mighty Color !! :)
I've known this one at about the same time as AKFG, and yes, also in Animax. They have several songs included in popular animes, namely Bleach and Gundam Seed.

Buuuuuut, that is not the only thing that got me into this band. Yeah, they seem like a run-of-the-mill fusion of rap and rock these days, but which one of them have a very, very, very attractive lead vocal?

Her name's Maki, and geez, she reminds me so much of Michelle Branch (me love her so <3). Really attractive eyes and lips (yeah, I'm a face person).

I'm not so sure about the back/supporting vocals though (who he?). It seems like he was patterned after that Linkin Park rapper and terribly sounds like Fred Durst.

Whatever, so long as Maki is around XD XD XD

Here's an MTV of their song "Days".

The Asian Kung Fu Generation
I've known this alternative-sounding band from years back while watching Animax (uh, figures) and might I say, I liked it the first time around. Never mind the fact that I don't understand a single word of Nihonggo (well, ok maybe I could speak some rough simple sentences), the music simply appeals to me.

It's not fronted by some pretty boy singer, instead, the vocalist looks as pedantic as the next library worm. But who cares anyway? XD

Here's a video from You Tube, it's the opening theme from Full Metal Alchemist. Music + A Good Anime = How Cooler Can YOU Get?

Lez rock! \m/

Somewhere on the Edge of Infinite What Ifs
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I remembered when I was young that I fear taking risks.

I wouldn't go to the river deep in the plantations alone afraid that I might get lost. The vast coffee plantations was a horrible place to get lost in to. If you stray away too far from the goat trail, you'll never find a landmark to get back again.

The only thing you can do keep heading in one direction until you come across a wayward local inspecting his coffee trees.

But the thing is, I do know how not to get lost. I know the direction where the roads are, and I can recognize certain trees and landmarks. And if that happens I am limber enough to climb tall ones to get a better view of the place.

What if.

What if I did take the risk of going alone into the plantations? I love it there. Just so I can catch a fighting spider I could match with my cousins' and friends'. And sometimes, even at my young age, my restless mind wants to discover things never seen by anyone before -- a wild orchid, or a glimpse of the infamous ibong diablo (a species of sun bird, very rare), or a tree heavy with ripe fruits.

But let's get back to me being afraid of taking risks.

The reason is because I was born with a frail body. My mom is always afraid that I might catch some illness, or that I come home with bruises and wounds from falling off a tree. That happened many times because of my unsatiable curiosity.

Now that I've grown up, things never really changed.

There are still things I don't know. I can only theorize or speculate, but there simply is a lot of things out there that I can barely put into my skull.

And what I don't know, I avoid. Plus, my curiousity has diminished. It's as if I feel that I've figured everything out and I don't need to ask anymore questions. I simply think I am right provided I have analyzed it sufficiently.

But ... what if I'm still wrong?

Yes, that happens. And it did happen many times. Some experiences humbled me and some caused me despair. Somewhere along the way, I even stopped understanding people.

There are things I still don't know in this world. And probably a lot more that even if I live another lifetime, I still wouldn't figure it all out.

What if I did? I guess life would be boring by then ...

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RAN Online: The Starting Fury
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Mmm, chaos ...

Gonna play tomorrow!

IGN: EaterOfEyes
School: Sacred Gate
Type: Dex Swordsman

Kuusuke Motoko is one of the prestigious students who were lucky to be enrolled in Sacred Gate, one of the four mysterious schools founded by the Sacred Financial Group. A lazy dreamer, Kuu just can't figure out why he has to go to school for and only really wants to stay home. All the rigorous mental and physical training simply is just pointless to him.

Then one strangely lit dusk, he felt dread while walking home. A malignant feeling permeating the air and slowly creeping through his nerves. Out of instinct, he rapidly unsheathed his training sword to block what seems to be an assault.

From his peripheral view he saw a dog, its fur manging and partially rotting, looking at him with cold, undead eyes. The creature, as if with a sentient telepathy, shown him visions of despair and darkness. A hurtling meteor will fall down from the sky and dictate the start of an era of chaos.

The creature seemingly delighted at the silent terror in Kuu's face. Then, with a sudden switch of expression, Kuu's eyes became unnerivingly malevolent in apperance. With a blinding strike, Kuu punched through the creature's head. It then fell into a convulsing heap.

"The world will know hopelessness, Kuusuke, Eater of Eyes", said the creature while looking at Kuu. "You will be there to see it. And in the end, you will relish it."

Kuu buried his sword into the undead dog's skull. "Eater of Eyes, eh?"

"I dunno what nonsense is that, but I think I like that name, just not the relish part."

Kuu wiped his sword with rags, sheathed it, and faced the dying red sun.

Weeks later, Leonair, the sister campus of Sacred Gate, was mysteriously obliterated by a yet to be identified cause.

"Something is wrong with the world", Kuu heard himself speak as he watched the news on TV.

"And if I can't stay home because of it, then I guess I need to do something about it". Lazily, Kuu equipped his sword and went into the darkening streets of his home town ...
RAN Online: Fury Server at 6 PM!

Listen to the background music. It's cute :)

Okay, now I think I may have to take a rain check on that MtG powow later ... I need to enroll at my school and deliver those registration cards ^_^

Then off to pounding the living bejeezus out of those hooligans.
The Immense Noise of Silence
The night shift is beginning to get into me.

I think the difference with this schedule and all others I had is that back then, I have people around me. My teammates regularly approach me about techie questions so in a way, that jogs my blood veins and keeps me sane.

This time however, the lack of human noises lets me hear the monotonous droning of CPU fans. It's driving me crazy XD

Countdown til the Fury Server!
Okay as of this moment it's 11 hours til Fury opens!

Better get ready! (well, with what?)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I know this is from Tenjo Tenge, but who cares? School fights rock!

I'm still undecided what school to take though. For sure I won't take Mystic Peak, so it's a toss up between Phoenix (smells like Takayanagi) or Sacred Gate (you can't go wrong with dragons).

Lez rock!
Something to Change
Be kind to even those who cannot be kind to you.

I know I am not the best of people to be around. I have no claim to maturity because by all respects, I am just me. I'll be honest and say that there are words that exist that can piss me off, or sadden me. And there are words that can do otherwise.

Such is the power of words is it not?

I know how much words can affect people. A person's day is affected by what is said to him.

"Thank you"
"I'm sorry"
"Please take care"

These words soothe and heal. With or without a sincere intention, these words can make a day for a person. Most people take for granted the difference these words can make.

"Fuck you"

These are meant to hurt. With or without malignant intentions, these were meant to assault or demoralize. Yeah, to some it has lost the stigma and has become a by-word. And by all accounts, when that happens it's just a normal thing to say and is just a subject for laughs.

But now, I have promised myself not to use them anymore, even for the fact that I rarely utter them. Silly as it may sound, let's just say losing a fault is never a bad thing.


Hopefully, those words won't come out even if I get a toe crushed by a closing door ...
Conquering the Dark Throne
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Elves have infrared eyes. Cool :)

I know it's late but hey, I always love a good game when it's around.

Now bring back my spies you thief and fighter you.

Oh, if you wanna join the battle, clickety-click HERE.

Although as hermit as I am in real life, I am more so in virtual. Me hate humans!
What's in a Name?
While I was thinking about what sort of name should I be giving my new character in Fury server (RAN Online), I came across Googlism, sort of an info retriever on top of good 'ol Google which connects stuff in the web about your name (or any noun for that matter).

So I got curious and typed in my online name 'Quentin', and look at what's the first thing virtuality said to me.

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Of Life Apathy and Midnight Noodles
Sometimes I dread the stillness of the night.

When all is quiet my brain automatically activates a self-defragmenting program in my head and I'm left in a whirlpool of 'assumed to be sealed' notions. What sort of notions you ask?

What's with life?

That's why as much as possible I have something stuck to my ears blaring with music to help chase those thoughts away. But here they come again despite my best preventive measures. Did I say what notions are bothering me?

You're drifting, you're pathless, you're just a body of water looking for a path to flow.

I guess I am. I have nothing. I am going nowhere. I don't hate my life, but it feels like I'm a book dusting on a shelf. Perhaps this is the reward for being lazy yet unable to sleep. A chronic, painless insomnia that bites with a toothless chomp.

But you have no desire to go anywhere. You just hitch a ride and go wherever it takes you.

Is it so bad to have lost my ambitions? Long time ago I am asking myself why nothing is driving me to be better than what I am now. I suspect delving too much into eastern philosophy caused me to become too complacent. Come to think of it, the reason why I would ever want to achieve anything was because of circumstance and not out of an intrinsic desire to get it.

You need something to fuel you. But you cannot find in you. It has to be something outside.

I need to lose something. One that is so precious to me that it will drive me to take it back. But how do I lose something precious if I hold little love for everything?

Then you need to gain something. A precious thing that you don't ever want to lose.

I have not been posessive of anything. I've never persistenly asked anyone to give me anything I want. I try to live with what I already have. So do I have to work with that?

You already want something.

Yeah. Enough of this monologue. I'll just turn the volume of this mp3 player full blast instead.

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No moss grows on a rolling stone ...
Random Pictures: Cats Gone Wild
Just two clips I've come upon in the world wide sapot :p

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Death to humans!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
You fight me? My style is mantis style, what's your style?
The Night Beckons
Alrighty, I've started my night shift of which, I dunno for how long I'll be in. There really is no reason for me to go on a schedule like this. Regardless, I do like the graveyard shift.


Because it's the quietest times in the office, no bosses around, and I can hear me think well. Which is good for work. However, the balance is that, I can do whatever I want which leads me to certain abuses ...

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Say hello to El Spiky

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Would you believe that aftershave has been with me for years? I can't seem to finish the darn thing. Smells really good though (I sniff it sometimes for a bit of high)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
See the view at the office, notice how things go dark in the distance ... makes you ponder about despair, hopelessness, and lingering dread all at the same time doesn't it?
On Weird Habits
Okay, tagged by Liza but I don't think I'll ever run out of weird things about me.


Here's how to play: The rules are, "once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog post with (8) weird things/habits about yourself". At the end you need to choose the 8 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says Tag You're It.” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. I move weird o_O. Once I saw a video of myself and I look like I have down's or something, lol. Probably because I always have something playing in my head and my body just needs to do things on its own while the boss brain is out frolicking.

2. I recognize people by how they smell. Which also leads to the fact that I have a sensitive sense of smell (yes, the animal in me). It is important for me to associate a person with their own brand of cologne, perfume, or whatever they have on or whatever pheromones they're giving out. And please, no body odor. Unless it's mine, lol.

3. I can wiggle my ears and can alternately raise my eyebrows. 'Nuf said.

4. I have hermit tendencies. That in itself is weird. I really only need to grow a beard. Which I pathetically lack thereof. The actual reasons for me going through phases like that are vastly varied. The most probable reason would be a new game I can get addicted to. Oh, the days of Diablo 2 ...

5. I'm a romantic since age five. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm confessing a deep, dark secret here. I just chuckle at the times I've gone out of my way just to do something out of the ordinary for the object of my affection :*) From kiddy drawings on cardboard, to composing a song, I've done it and will do it again. I guess it's hardwired into my system. When that all too familiar tug in my chest goes wee-ooo, my brain overheats for thinking of a thousand things to do something creative ^_^

6. I don't like eating with my hands. Even I dunno why. Germs maybe?

7. I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with myself. I love my life. I hate it when it sucks, LOL. Ofcourse all of this only happens in my head (see #1).

8. I'm a minimalist. That means if I can live without it, I don't need it. Hey it's weird to me. The good thing about it is that I'm practically low maintenance :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And I'm tagging, lesee now ... the first eight, odd-numbered people who's blog is linked to my left. Hey, it's me being creative :)
A Short Critique of Sitti's Music
I'm not going to have an opinion on bossa nova ofcourse, since it is a culture in itself. And well, you really don't argue about stuff like that. Besides, I've already made comments about it on a previous post.

I just want to describe Sitti's voice as gentle and precise. The reason I say this is because most female solo artists who get to be popular in radio are power divas, i.e. those that can hit high octaves and get away with it (Nina, Rachelle Ann Go, etc).

Either that or that certain 'character' in your voice (Juris of MYMP, Arre of UDD).

Sitti's voice isn't all that spectacular. But each word utterance is delivered in a clear, soft manner. You could say she did train a lot (compare: Enya). It could be she is packaged that way, or the style of music makes it so. The thing is, I particularly notice those kinds of things. With other artists, you could simply live with the tune, but in her case, you'd find yourself absorbed in the lyrics.

Probably just me :)
Level 67 in Chaos!
I've finally reached level 67 in RAN Online, yay!

For those of you who play the game, here's who I am:

Server: Havoc
Character: EaterOfOni (Eater of Demons)
Type: Int Brawler
Channel: 1 (Non-PK)

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Relive Tenjo Tenge
Dear Lord, No
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Gin Blossoms?!
Shite, they made a new album? Me want me want me want :(
Para Sa Akin :)
Looks like Google haven't spidered pictures of Sitti yet. I'd like to have those promotional ones with the white background (any one of you have?). Me want mp3 :(

Here's a picture MTV of the song :)


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Kung ika'y magiging akin
Di ka na muling luluha pa
Pangakong di ka lolokohin
Ng puso kong nagmamahal

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Kung ako ay papalarin
Na ako'y iyong mahal na rin
Pangakong ikaw lang ang iibigin

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Di kita pipilitin
Sundin mo pang iyong damdamin
Hayaan nalang tumibok ang puso mo
Para sa akin

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Kung ako ay mamalasin
At mayron ka nang ibang mahal
Ngunit patuloy ang aking pagibig

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Kung ako ay papalarin
Na ako'y iyong mahal na rin
Pangakong ikaw lang ang iibigin

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Para sa akin


Call me old-fashioned, but I love the music (sshh, and Sitti too).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Coming Soon: The Hermit in the "L" Shaped Island
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Came across this map. There's gotta be treasure there somewhere ...
The Travelling Hermit: Intramuros and Ice Creams
Here's another installment of my mini-travels.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Manila City Hall at dusk. This was the start of something nostalgic for me.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Many times I passed by this path when I go to Mapua. Remembering my college days was bitter sweet. Why wouldn't it? I always had a troubled mind. When nobody is giving you answers, I guess the only thing you can do is to think of nothing. Sounds zen huh?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Truth be told, I got this shot when I got lost outside Intramuros. I was so absorbed in the things I have long not seen in years that I didn't notice that I went somewhere I've never been before. The lampposts looks like wisps in an eery night. Sort of a Van Gogh in contemporary.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
As I repeat, I have a thing for angels ... saw this in Glorietta. I think this is in a Bench boutique

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
After lunch we went to Manila Peninsula, and had the largest serving of ice cream I ever saw in my life. Colorful too. That's Gran there musing about the piece of paradise on the table.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A closer look at the guitar on top of the ice cream :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I was the only guy, and look at the ice cream afterwards o_O the people with me are ice cream monsters (and here I am feeling a tonsillitis coming on)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A view at the ceiling of the Manila Pen. It's a sun motif ... something I'm beginning to like

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