Going on an interview tomorrow.

First time in eight years. It feels weird, having to apply for a job after being in the bin for almost a decade. Problem with this one is, it's 11 AM, and I'm coming from the night shift.

The interviewer must be damn ready to face a catatonic interviewee, if not irritable. Woo.


Now for a meme.

As I have mentioned, I've been playing RAN Online and as we all know, the community at which you immerse yourself into have some 'by-words'

One such word is 'amf', short for 'am fotah', and is generously used in Pinoy online game culture.

So I was renting for a seat in a games cafe and the lady who was managing the PCs was having trouble with one of them. She asked for help with one of the gamers (probably a regular) and he said, "Sus, di marunong amf'.

In my mind was like 'LOL, what the hell'.

And then it struck me. I was actually saying 'LOL' o_O oh dear.

There are other funky words I picked up, but they're too obscure to even bother XD