Be kind to even those who cannot be kind to you.

I know I am not the best of people to be around. I have no claim to maturity because by all respects, I am just me. I'll be honest and say that there are words that exist that can piss me off, or sadden me. And there are words that can do otherwise.

Such is the power of words is it not?

I know how much words can affect people. A person's day is affected by what is said to him.

"Thank you"
"I'm sorry"
"Please take care"

These words soothe and heal. With or without a sincere intention, these words can make a day for a person. Most people take for granted the difference these words can make.

"Fuck you"

These are meant to hurt. With or without malignant intentions, these were meant to assault or demoralize. Yeah, to some it has lost the stigma and has become a by-word. And by all accounts, when that happens it's just a normal thing to say and is just a subject for laughs.

But now, I have promised myself not to use them anymore, even for the fact that I rarely utter them. Silly as it may sound, let's just say losing a fault is never a bad thing.


Hopefully, those words won't come out even if I get a toe crushed by a closing door ...