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The Child
After more than three months of blood, sweat, and tears, I'm proud of the achievement.

Even though she's not born perfect (yet), we'll come to that.

For now, I'm fatigued from the labor. And I need to rest my tired bones.

I'll watch my child play around for a while ...




In other news, here's a poster worthy picture, place your own captions >:D

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"... its pee-pee was this big ..."
Portrait of a Sunset
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Sunset at Pundaquit

Trying to reawaken my poetry making powers ... :o
Bah, Busyness
Dami kong gustong sabihin ngunit walang panahon sa ngayon ...
Worst shootout in US History happened in Virginia Tech. News article here.

You guys would probably see it in CNN site or something.

What the freaking blazes happen to some people's heads? There is not much I can say for such an atrocity.

Prayers to the people who have lost their loved ones over some deranged act of aggression. Pray for strength, and most of all pray for hope.
Three Things to Say
I remembered a story. Not really a story, but something to think about.

Say you're driving under a really bad storm. Weather station said that it's not safe to go outside, but you have to.

Then, on a bend, you saw three people being mercilessly drenched: the person you'll spend your life with, your best friend, and an old woman who looks like she's in grave condition.

There's only one person you can bring with you. What will you do?

Think about it.

Ofcourse, most would argue which person to bring and it will depend how people prioritize things in their lives. And yes, there's no wrong answer. If you value life above all, you'd bring the old woman. If you value love above all, you'd bring the person of your dreams. If you value your friends, well, it's your best friend then.

But there is a better answer :)

You'd let your best friend drive your car and bring the old woman to the hospital. While you wait for the bus with the person who'll spend the rest your life with.

Cool eh?


Just a moment ago, I wanted some fresh air.

And as a crazy dude as I am, I thought of one thing: what if I try getting lost in my own neighborhood, to places I don't usually go to? That's effective on me because I have a bad sense of direction.

So I did. At night.

I walked and walked and took a turn on a corner. The streets weren't exactly brightly lit, and there's probably a stray dog somewhere who's got a fang to sink into my leg.

I'm not exactly fearless. Sometimes my adrenaline urges make me do silly things.

I continued on, and saw the Cybergate building off a distance. Wow, looks like I did bought a better pair of glasses.

Continued on, passing by sari-sari stores, people sitting on the streets, youths playing ball. What took my attention was a seemingly neat building for rent as an apartment. I don't have any desire to inquire, so I moved on.

Before I knew it, I'm back to Boni. To a familiar place where I know I won't be lost. It seems whenever I took a turn, it's always left. I'm bound to go back to the place I was before.

Then I noticed a condo being built almost across Pizza Hut. It's called Bonifacio Residences, and it looks promising. Buuut, somehow I don't feel like inquiring for this one. The building in front of it is an abandoned/spooky building, and for some reason, I don't like the feel of having that in front of a place to live.

Call it feng shui, or what not, but deep in my gut there's an illogical reason not to choose the place.

(Btw, who here knows punsoy?)


Alice made a variation of a quirky statement.

In this world, you have made the right choice, if the person you have is the one you love, is right for you, and is ideal.

Then she goes something like, she knows three people who is one of each. Now she's pondering what to do \(^_^)/

Frankly, I can't tell the difference :o
Moogie and the Sawfish
Naw, it's just a little play on Hootie and the Blowsheep. I mean blowfish :D

I'm here to say that I have nothing to say. And as usual, I make post titles that are almost irrelevant of the content.

Just so I could demonstrate that my mind is full of misdirections and distractions. Yeah. I DO think differently.

Anyway, here's the first thought that came to mind.

Back in my old company, even though I have things to do (well not much), I'd rather procrastinate than do it. Sort of like, only get on with it when deadline is but a few days away.


That's how I was un-passionate about my work. It doesn't fuel me.

But now that I'm in a better place, it all went reverse. Now I need to have always something to do or I'll PERISH. Interesting thought aye?

I've become this worker ant that will curl and up and die if I don't do anything for long. However, that's not to say I don't go for some R&R. I do still, and I'm glad to say I've reignited my passion for online gaming. Not as fiery as before, but it's still good.

However, I felt like I don't have enough time. Time to do all the stuff I want to do short of not sleeping. We all need to rest once in a while :D

On an unrelated note, I think I've realized that I have a good trait -- I make interesting conversations. Well, at least to me it is, since whenever I talk, I find people usually respond heartily. Perhaps it's the enthusiasm I put in my words or perhaps I hit home to most things people are generally interested about.

Alright, I think I'll go home now. I'm hungry.

Quentin Montejo signing off.
Cleanup Leaves
Yesterday I've woken up with a case of head ache.

I was pooped and tired the night before, having done tons of work and then going to the Red Corner to have a work out.

Result: I have abused myself to the point of getting sick.

Shempre ang lolo nyo, walang tigil. Di na nga pumasok, naglinis pa ng bahay :p

It was about a couple of years since I've fired up my vacuum cleaner. I usually just use a broom and sweep the taint away.

But as luck would have had it, I have two SLOTHS as roommates who, even though they have more vacant time than I do, haven't EVEN THOUGHT OF GIVING OUR ROOM A FREAKING CLEAN-UP.

There were so many nooks and crannies to clean, it took me four hours to finally remove all the dust and cobwebs. That's after rearranging all the stuff needed to be taken out before I could commence. Every thirty minutes I change the vacuum filters and the nozzles depending on the situation.

I then scrubbed the floor with some Domex, to kill whatever new life forms have evolved, and give it that disinfected scent.

After the floor dried, I then have to put everything back where they belonged. Put all the useless properties I had like keychains, old earphones, etc., to the garbage bag. I won't be using them anymore, even though some actually have sentimental value.

Yeap, it's a major cleanup alright.

And if it's not enough, I also did my laundry afterwards. Eegh.

I thought if I finished early, I could still go to work at least half day. Then again I had to take up the whole day.

To reward myself with all that effort, I treated myself to a nice online gaming session. I've revisited my character in RF Online and clicked my time away ...
Me Want Housey
Every day I am thinking about how my house will be (okay, condo is a second place, townhouse first).

Like, will it be a bad idea at this point to get one?
What are other financial aspects I should consider?
As well as running bills I will have to deal with every month?
Closet stuff?
Can I have a pet? :)
Will I be able to shoulder it for a good decade of my life?
Will the maintenance costs suck?
How much allowance should I make for myself so I don't get myself in a financial bind?
If it caught fire will it go poof?
Do I need insurance? (well yeah, duh)
What happens if I lose my keys?
Will I have nice neighbors?

Because you know, once I get my own crib
I'd like to invite friends over to come and cook their specialties :D
Or take suggestions on how to decorate it
Or play music and stuff like that or a small party
Install wifi, free for everyone!
Because you know, that'd be funky hip and cool o_O

I guess this is one reason I no longer call my old home, "home".
I want my own \(^_^)/
Woo, Easter
And I thought I have the monopoly of all the melodrama this side of creation XD

Anyway, lots of things are up this April. May is just around the corner so I need to fill my weekends with lotsa adventures ... hopefully not office/work advenutures :@

Once I find my headset, I'll try the built-in voice recognition in my laptop. Just for the coolness factor :D


I never was any good when people cry in front of me -.-

I usually go in a frantic "It's okay, it's alright, things will be fine, da da da da". Naw, I couldn't pull up any eloquence at all. Just basic, not-at-all helpful bunch words.

It's because I'm more adept at cracking jokes or making fun of everyone (including myself). Quite a contrast to the content of this blog of mine. Just like the post before this *look* *look*. Gives me headaches when I write dramatic, heavy stuff about difficult decisions.

But perhaps the reason I don't know how to comfort is when the person isn't that close to me yet. I mean, I'd squeeze my best friend to bits given the chance. As well as my sister-friends.

Sigh. If I could put all the tears of the world in a bottle :o



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I ran out of relevant pictures :o

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I don't have a picture of my niece. Saw her this morning, washing the dishes. And she's only 4 o_O
Cauterized: Losing All of my Wings
I kissed mom goodbye.

Today is the last day I am calling our home in Cavite, "home". I have decided to be a separate part of the family.

I won't miss the cool breeze of our old house we inherited from grand ma. Or mom's morning calls for breakfast. I took what belonged to me that I must always have with me. Yet I will leave behind things that identified me to this world -- photo albums, my drawings, my medals, all the books I have read, the letters I wrote/received from a past lover -- everything.

I could no longer be in that place. Nothing ever improves. Nothing ever really new. While everybody is moving on, it's a place you could count on to ~not change~. Sure, when I was at my lowest, or saddest phases of my life, it was the only place I could run to.

But now, I want to truly rely on myself. Something I have already started for over a decade -- and have become good at it.

I know mom and dad will be sad. There are just somethings they have to face. I am my own man, and has been that way ever since I could stand on my own. I have given much -- heck, I've given a lot. It's time I give something to myself. It's my life. I can't run somebody else's life. And I can't live for anybody else.

Make no mistake. I am sad too. But this is something I have to do.

I have to go somewhere. I'll be happy somewhere. I know I can be. But I can only do it if I am not tied down.

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Which way is heaven?
Here on to, Valleys ...
I thought I could say a jolly "hello".
Believed all is okay.

That's what I believed.
Was I wrong.

There's a reason you're there, and I'm here.
There prolly is a reason why our paths didn't cross again.

So I put on my cap, and picked up my bag.
There are just things that you don't touch anymore.

Fare well.
There's no reason for me to be here in the first place.

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Random Thoughts: Ballad of a Better End
I've been giving my guitar a lot of attention the past nights. My fingers are growing callouses again.

Trying to know "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman by heart. But I think the tabs I got from the internet is sorta lacking.


Greeted my ex on her birthday! She's gonna get married this December. At least something to be happy about :)

I wanna talk to her again! I missed her a lot. Man, it's been ages :o


Will be busy still in the Holy Week. I wonder if our telephone has been paid for. I'll be needing it ...


I'll be bringing two~three kittens home. Mhhm. Wonder if they'll be of any trouble.


Need to talk to someone about something. Bestfriend is not online. So, who do I tell it to? hmmm ...
The Room Upstairs
I had a real blast last Friday :)

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The Room Upstairs is located in Nicanor Garcia St (er ... ave?) just after Makati Ave while going straight in Jupiter

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The place is nice, with a relaxed crowd. It's not a place for full jamming, but it is where you could enjoy delicious pasta dishes while listening to a live band. No, not your run of the mill, "I cry for my sadness" sort of bands, but those that actually play music o_O

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A saxophone player getting ready to hit a note

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I like this picture. I asked Nadja to pose something that's commercial ad worthy for a cement mix brand. I mean coffee >:D

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Drip's front lead, Beng Calma. I couldn't stop facing her direction o_O Nadja had the correct word when she said I was "mesmerized". I mean why not? Anyone can be pretty, but not anyone can be pretty + talented + cool. And I love her smooth, seductive, singing voice, rawr. Mistook her for Michelle Branch :*)

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Two silly women posing as mannequins XD

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