Naw, it's just a little play on Hootie and the Blowsheep. I mean blowfish :D

I'm here to say that I have nothing to say. And as usual, I make post titles that are almost irrelevant of the content.

Just so I could demonstrate that my mind is full of misdirections and distractions. Yeah. I DO think differently.

Anyway, here's the first thought that came to mind.

Back in my old company, even though I have things to do (well not much), I'd rather procrastinate than do it. Sort of like, only get on with it when deadline is but a few days away.


That's how I was un-passionate about my work. It doesn't fuel me.

But now that I'm in a better place, it all went reverse. Now I need to have always something to do or I'll PERISH. Interesting thought aye?

I've become this worker ant that will curl and up and die if I don't do anything for long. However, that's not to say I don't go for some R&R. I do still, and I'm glad to say I've reignited my passion for online gaming. Not as fiery as before, but it's still good.

However, I felt like I don't have enough time. Time to do all the stuff I want to do short of not sleeping. We all need to rest once in a while :D

On an unrelated note, I think I've realized that I have a good trait -- I make interesting conversations. Well, at least to me it is, since whenever I talk, I find people usually respond heartily. Perhaps it's the enthusiasm I put in my words or perhaps I hit home to most things people are generally interested about.

Alright, I think I'll go home now. I'm hungry.

Quentin Montejo signing off.