Yesterday I've woken up with a case of head ache.

I was pooped and tired the night before, having done tons of work and then going to the Red Corner to have a work out.

Result: I have abused myself to the point of getting sick.

Shempre ang lolo nyo, walang tigil. Di na nga pumasok, naglinis pa ng bahay :p

It was about a couple of years since I've fired up my vacuum cleaner. I usually just use a broom and sweep the taint away.

But as luck would have had it, I have two SLOTHS as roommates who, even though they have more vacant time than I do, haven't EVEN THOUGHT OF GIVING OUR ROOM A FREAKING CLEAN-UP.

There were so many nooks and crannies to clean, it took me four hours to finally remove all the dust and cobwebs. That's after rearranging all the stuff needed to be taken out before I could commence. Every thirty minutes I change the vacuum filters and the nozzles depending on the situation.

I then scrubbed the floor with some Domex, to kill whatever new life forms have evolved, and give it that disinfected scent.

After the floor dried, I then have to put everything back where they belonged. Put all the useless properties I had like keychains, old earphones, etc., to the garbage bag. I won't be using them anymore, even though some actually have sentimental value.

Yeap, it's a major cleanup alright.

And if it's not enough, I also did my laundry afterwards. Eegh.

I thought if I finished early, I could still go to work at least half day. Then again I had to take up the whole day.

To reward myself with all that effort, I treated myself to a nice online gaming session. I've revisited my character in RF Online and clicked my time away ...