Oh well, creating my own inspirational ... I know I'm no Mr. Coelho, but heck ...


Take time to pray
There are just somethings that you must say only when you're at your center

Take time to say thanks
Sometimes these things are done less than asking for what you want

Take time to say something good to a person
That they're charming, or beautiful, or outright stunning, chances are, you'll sound sincere than flattering

Take time to rest
You don't have another clone in the vat for another body =.= take care of the one you have now

Take time to dream
Tomorrow becomes today, fill it with anticipation and imagination

Take time to work
Dreams need fuel, and working always help improve what you have now

Take time to listen
Don't get drowned with the sound of your own heartbeat or your own voice

Take time to explore
There is so much in this world to see! Go on a voyage, discover a different kind of wine, or learn a word you haven't used before

Take time to be at peace with yourself
When all is said and done, find it in yourself that you have done much, that even though you can't have everything, you've done a good job living

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