The Thinker
>> he blogs most of the stuff, about anything and everything and is curious about the world, with just about any aspect there is. He detests the Maniac.

The Artist-Poet
>> another blogger, he creates all the poems and artwork around. Not good enough really, but it's more of lack of exposure. He wishes to erase Scumbag.

The Asshole
>> a real mean one. Insensitive and callous, he just says what he wants and gets all the beat down. Pisses off a lot of people. His enemy is Emo-kid and the Child.

The Romanticist
>> the giver of love. In all its forms and ways, this one is always sweet and thinks good about everybody.

The Child
>> well, who doesn't have one? He's supposed to get along with everybody, well except Thinker, because he's sort of an adult.

The Scumbag
>> The Asshole's close friend, he thinks really evil thoughts about you and just about any breathing thing on the planet. Hates the Romanticist and the Emo-kid.

The Emo-kid
>> think of all the drama in the world, and this guy has it and can express it in ten different ways. Is at odds with the Thinker and Asshole (and cries about it).

The Maniac
>> spontaneous and impulsive, he does things out of whim and without thought. He's not entirely bad, just noisy. He comes out after a few bottles of beer. Coincidentally, he's the Artist-Poet's nemesis.


Who are they? They're all me. I used to have names for them. Must be from drinking too much cough syrup ...

I think I'll go get another bottle.