It is sometimes good to hesitate.

Sometimes that is. I've known myself to have a one-track mind cruising like a freaking freight train. When I want something, I get it no matter what it takes. Ofcourse, that has put in me in many not-so-good situations that would've churned many a stomachs.

Oh, I've known disgrace, humiliation, and embarassment.

The things that would make people say, "You're an idiot", or "Don't be stupid".

I don't have enough room in my skull to contain all that I have learned and apply it at the right given time. I simply can't.

One thing is clear though. I must go forward. Forward regardless of the bruises, the repeating disgrace, the countless things that make my heart break. There's no solace for a sinner like me, simply because I hated fate (thus I lost a wing).

There is ... something out there that my heart desires. It's out there. But it's nameless. And only now that I feel it awaken. But I slowly am making it real.

I can. I know I can. And I'm running ... to it.

I'm no longer directionless. No longer aimless, or lost. I'm going somewhere.

Yeah. That feels good.