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This is the radio on my roommate's bed. It's been so long since I've felt that light rock music greeting you when you wake up. Does wonders to make a cheerful day. The soft, golden glow came from the window, diffused by the curtains. Got the caption from Lei's avatar somewhere, and it kinda sticked to my mind. Felt like I hafta put it here.

I've been listening to 'Closer' by Better than Ezra, and well, it gave me good vibes. A sort of calm that says, everything's good. Things are fine. I don't have to let the anxieties of my life get in the way.

I wanna go out. Take pictures and post them here with subtitles or captions. The same thing I did with my phone.

I know my digicam only had two out of town trips. But I think I've made it worth its weight in pictures. I love taking pictures of happy faces aglow in the sunset. And perhaps that of a face I have a finite affection for (wee).

It feels like I'm Leonardo da Vinci trying to paint a digital Mona Lisa. Ahh, but what a tragic life he lived :)