Well, well, well, I'm as busy as hell. Barely even time to blog. I am now not because I have no time, but I just hit a brick wall trying to resolve something.

Now anyway, I was watching DVD of Avatar: The Last Air Bender (and might I say, so far it's the only non-anime American toon that actually doesn't suck), and I came across a description of the different chakras.

I'm not really into Hindu mysticism, but the concepts bring out some very interesting points about the human psyche. I can't possibly take them as truth however, let's just say it hits close to home. It does put some light at the limitations we put ourselves, metaphysical, corporeal, or whatever.

Here they are.


a. The first chakra is the Earth Chakra, located at the base of the spine. It deals with Survival, and is blocked by Fear.

Me: Just what is do I fear the most? I am not sure myself. I am afraid of heights, but you can see me rappeling, scaling walls, heck, I'd even go sky diving given the chance. You might notice that my hand is clasped tight in each occasion though. It's sort of an instinct when such things happen. Yoinks.

b. The second chakra is the Water Chakra, which deals with Pleasure, and is blocked by Guilt.

Me: Ho ho ho. Guilt. What do I blame myself for. Fortunately, I forget a lot of things that it doesn't really bother me. Oh I used to be guilty of something. But I've dealt with it. Moving along.

c. The third chakra is the Fire Chakra, which is located in the stomach, it deals with willpower, while it is blocked by Shame.

Me: Failures and mistakes are a part of life. And I've come across a mile of them. I'm a graduate of this chakra, relatively.

d. The fourth chakra is the Air Chakra, located in the heart, this chakra deals with Love, and is blocked by Grief.

Me: I guess Anakin Skywalker had this coming. Nasty, nasty chakra blockage. I do too, actually.

e. The fifth Chakra is the Sound Chakra, and is located in the throat, it deals with Truth, and is blocked by the Lies people tell themselves.

Me: I think boob infomercials are tools of the DEVIL. Okay, just kidding (not). I dunno, I did have this phase in my life where I just couldn't deal with reality (cue in angry, angsty boy band music).

f. The sixth chakra is the Light Chakra, located in the center of the forehead, which is responsible for Insight, and is blocked by Illusions.

Me: If illusions are synonymous to delusions, then bite me. But anyway, if you understand what the phrase, "Everything is the individual, the individual is everything", then this is basically it. Not that I can say more about it.

g. The seventh chakra is theThought Chakra, located located at the crown of the head, deals with Cosmic Energy, and is blocked by Earthly Attachment.

Me: Perhaps the most insightful of all the chakras. We are so attached to the things we love in this world that it prevents us to move on.

But seriously, I do have something that will keep me to this world *furrows eyebrows* letting go is hard to do. So I grab a beer and merry the night away.