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The Litter Mermaid :p

Lately, I've noticed that I haven't been blogging much lately. I think I've outgrown a trait of mine -- simply pouring out what my mind wants to say, or letting my thoughts drift off and form into ideas and words. It can get quite long because I have always something to say given the chance.

I confess I have an analytical side that always goes: everything must have its meaning. It must, it simply must. Anything that's meaningless is worthless and useless. With that thought in my mind, people can already understand me. I won't simply give a gift -- it has to mean something (and I only really give gifts to a select few). I won't simply say something -- it has a motivation, or at most, a displaced intention. Ofcourse when I'm joking around that rule won't apply.

Hence, that results in me having a personality that covers extreme ends of the spectrum. And again, I am musing, maybe I should have been born as two people. Each suitably embodying a constant side. I did describe myself as an artist and scientist. Maybe if by some medical, genetic breakthrough, I can be cloned to be exactly those two.

But ... as reality would have it, that's not the case. And as hard as reality is sometimes, I have to deal with it ~_~ It's not so bad. Only just a few headaches here and there, and the voices in my head.

Alright, just kidding about the voices.