I will ...

- appreciate the people around me more. Especially those people who's been so good to me regardless if they were real bitches, saints, assholes, philantrophists, pricks, rapists, pe ... okay you get the picture. Lahat kayo, tanggap ko kayo. That despite all my shortcomings and aloofness, there are still people who, you know, are there. I know I'm cold and uncaring for the better part of last year (and it will be no different this year LOL), but I just want to let everyone know that it is appreciated ... very much. It's just words for now, kung ano man ang pagkukulang ko, nawa'y mga biyaya ang pumuno sa inyo -- pakibilang na lang po, marami yun ^_^

- travel more! They say that a wisened man can't get everything from books, but from seeing the world. It's a big world out there. And the lesson I've learned last year is that, not to let my world get confined in just three places: work, home, and internet cafes ^_^ That camera of mine will be seeing the best of days, oh yeah baby

- so far all my efforts in improving my art skills never went into fruition. I don't think I'll ever get to sing well enough to perform (asa pa ko wahaha), my drawing skills won't get any farther unless I depend on it, and my guitar skills well ... it's getting rusty. I think I've forgotten how to read musical notes ~_~ Grace is not amused.

- I want to move out ... again. I want my own place now because there is a need for me to grow (okay, not weed dude). The most ideal would be a rent to own condo, or at the very least, an affordable lease, in case I change my mind about the place. I want a place to put a mad-spec pc, enough space to put a drawing board and a lamp. Maybe a place good enough to have a small party. Oh yeah, a niceee kitchen. Ah heck, time to hunt for said place ^_^

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There is something soothing about looking at embers. Like it being warm instead of hot. Sort of like being in front of a cool sun, or that feeling when holding hands.