And I thought I had a black heart.

This morning I took a glance at the tabloids. And as usual, no news that really interest me much. Perhaps I've become desensitized as to the state our country is in. Or the inexhaustible front page issues about disasters, politics, and people dying.

But one tabloid has a picture of a man, dead on a street. Not murdered, but died out of cold and sickness. Also in the picture is a man passing by looking disinterested. Then it just came to me -- people should never ever be left alone to die ... ever. That has to be one of the most tragic thing to occur to any person. I know that dignity and honor are emotional constructs of man, but then, man existed with those for a reason.

I saw myself on that passing man. True, I have little love for material things in this world. And I refuse to have cares that I really don't need or ask for. Bu that also shows how I am disinterested with people who really don't affect me at all. Yet in some small way, there's that flicker -- to reach out, and hold a hand that is beaten by a cruel fate.

Bah, what am I thinking. Need to put this off because I have to work =_=