I feel really good today. Hopefully it'll last til the end of the week.

DBAA is just around the corner. I really, really hope work doesn't get in the way. I've been in the office the whole weekend trying to make something work and achieving something significant. But ... as such things go, the worst that could happen is that you learn something new :D

Anyway, had exchange gifts last weekend with the old gang (they're really sweet people). Perhaps they're the most neglected circle of friends this year, but as it goes, so long as you're good to me, I'll be good to you for as long as it takes. It's kind of sad that things happen. Sigh. I mean truly, I'm really grateful they're around, and ya know =_=

But hey, it's Christmas. Let's put aside animosity and put our attention to more important things, like say, making me rich :D They're all good to me but unfortunately, I'm not good to them, hehe, I'm such a user. Don't they know I'm the one behind the scene plotting things and making them bite each other's throats?

Yes, it's true!

It's my way showing love *hides horns and tail*

Anyway, back to work. Better make full use of the good vibes.

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Been recycling my photobucket stuff. Merry Christmas! :)