Photobucket - Video and Image HostingLet's look at the stars tonight
Find the constellations that make up our names
And carve the clouds so it looks like ice cream puffs
Let's stop thinking too much about how and why we're not there yet
Let's start thinking here is now, and tomorrow can worry about itself
We're free to roam that three thousand mile highway
We'll take that joy ride that means nothing and everything!
Strum that guitar, sing the silliest songs we can think of
Let's make up the lyrics of parts we don't remember
And laugh heartily for absolutely no reason at all
Before you know it, we've circled the planet three times
Let's make it fun to be lost! Because we have incentives to explore
When it rains, we'll drink the drops like it's the sweetest wine
Run around shouting our lungs out like we own the world
And when we catch our breaths, let's write this insane poetry
On a cardboard paper we'll put in a bottle and throw it to sea

Finally, when our muscles ache, we'll quietly wait for the dawn
As we watch the bonfire grow from a rage into quiet, gentle embers
Then let the sun find our faces and hear it say, "You've done a good job being happy"

- Q. Montejo