"When I was younger, I used to ride my blue bicycle
And wonder how far I could ride without turning back ..."

Late last night, I was watching Honey and Clover, an anime that I'm not clear as to what is it about but it somehow, somehow reminds me of this blog of mine.

Yeah, it's a bit cutesy, but it somehow echoes how I muse about my life. And how I've written it all here.

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It's as if I'm still reliving a "I dunno why I'm here, I dunno why I should be" phase like Takamoto has been doing. And yeah, I did entertain thoughts of going away, somewhere really really far by myself, a self-discovering journey so to speak (actually thinking about Bangkok or Sagada).

But in this place and time, I can't afford such luxury. I have a job to do, people who depend on me, and well, I'm already tired enough as it is.

"In life we have two choices. It's either we keep trying or we just give up. There is a third choice but life is so much easier if you only have two."

God knows I've done both part of the deal. And how much I've already made it complicated with only two.

So, here's to me. Let's make it simple :)