I really get put off whenever mom uses text-speak XD di talaga ako masasanay

Mama: Elo anak magpataba k kumain k ng mrmi pr 2loy ksing me skit lab u 2toy ingat

Me: Nagpapataba nga po aku. Kso ala exercise

Mama: Nahihirapan kbs work mo?

Me: Mahirap po talaga

Mama: Kyk cguro pyat inom k ng sustagen

Me: Juice iniinum ko (referring to the large bottle of apple juice I buy usually)

Mama: Inom kdin ng sustagen

Me: Cge po. Bibili ako ~_~

Truth be told, Sustagen bores me. And I don't even know if it's still around or the target market is now middle-aged people.


Mama: Anak chocolate flavor ang piliin mo

Yes Mama ~_~

I sometimes think never really got over me being the sickly kid. Love you too mom.