My RAN Online alter-ego, Kerberos, has been the only senior going online the past few days. Senior meaning, I have a position in the gang (or guild) I'm in, called the Pirates. Yeap, it's probably based on the One Piece anime and the founders used to have the same guild in Ragnarok Online (I dunt play that game).

Anyway, here's the thing about it all. Every Wednesday/Saturday at 7:00 pm, at ingame event happens, which is the Club Wars. Each gang has an opportunity to conquer an E-room which belongs to each of the three schools (Sacred Gate, Mystic Peak, Phoenix) plus a neutral area (Trading Hole).

Conquering means getting in there and authenticate for your gang on a console long enough that the system recognizes you to be the owner of the said room. The catch? Everyone else not not in your gang or alliance can KILL you. So it is pretty much a gank fest in there (or running away from a sweeper or power-type swordsman).

You'd pretty much be dead if you're not high-leveled enough because it's all about 1-hit kills. Yes, I'm easily 1-hit killed myself (and I can 1-hit kill quite a few as well).

Now what do you do to win the event? Only two things. By sheer numbers (of people in a gang or alliance), or by tactic. If you don't have the numbers, you certainly have to go by a strategy. You have to direct every other player where to go and who will escort you towards the mainframe where the authentication takes place.

You have to keep your wits in the heat of the battle and over a pile of dead bodies. Once your party couldn't stick together, chances becomes lesser to conquer an E-room obviously. Here you'll find out the demeanor of each and every party member. Who charges without thinking, who is cautious, who can last for more than 5 seconds, etc.

It's pretty much a grandiose spectacle, most especially when the gang meets an opposing hated gang XD downhill from there hehe

In other news, two new servers are going to be up mid-December. Might go in one and try a new build. :)


Last night, as my mind was swirling in a torrent of mad musings about stuff (nothing new), it just ... snapped. No, I didn't go crazy.

It's just that, I felt myself smirking -- I'm happy :) just in time for Christmas even.