Went to a forum I used to go to a lot last night.

Tried to look for old friends that still post, but my blurry eyes couldn't see any. And I'm not into digging old threads to bring it up.

One of the threads that caught my attention though, is entitled "Quitting A Relationship When Everything's Going Well". The guy broke up with her gf because he felt that he couldn't meet up with her demands. Okay maybe not exactly like that. More like a case that she loves him more than he loves her, in a self-destructing way. That if he ever breaks up with her, she'd do something foolish. I would think the girl has a few screws loose, and the guy just felt being held up a wall.

You ask why it caught my attention? Because I used to be in that kind of situation. Fortunately, my woman was far from doing anything foolish (she has a very strong personality tho). But I just couldn't take it when she goes something like, "If you don't do this, then you don't love me enough."


That breaks my heart.

I felt pressured to live up to what she wants. At the end of the day, I only felt tired for having to put up with it. And so, I was unhappy. I have faults to consider too, because back then I don't know how to speak up. All I did was to do what she wanted, and never really told her how I felt. Besides that, I wouldn't know what to do once I know what's wrong. I just simply took it all instead of making it work. But the biggest, biggest fault in me is that simply, I went into something when I'm not even ready for that kind of commitment.

The replies in the thread I was reading is telling the same thing. I only hope I don't have to relearn it all again.


I went to another thread about a popular forum poster finally breaking up with her beau. The thread starter is an old forum poster so I recognized the name. I also know some itsy bitsy pieces of the person behind it. While everyone is giving sensible replies , compassionate words and long paragraphs of encouragment, at the last post I wrote something nonsensical:

You only lost 4.5 lbs?

Was trying to be funny at somebody's expense. Ah, I felt like my old self :)