Downed a tequila shot.

"So, just how long will you stay that way?", says Alice 'The Malice'. "You don't drink to drown your troubles. You drink because it's there ~_~"

"Or when I don't want to think at all", I said.

"Bah. You're always full of stuff in your head", she replied. "Ever since I saw you walk into this, well shady bar of mine, I knew you'd be a weirdo".

"Uh, thanks. I guess"

"You're not a loser down on his luck, that much is certain", Alice grinned while wiping off a glass. "You're a buffoon who couldn't figure it all out. Or you did figure it out, it's just that you're too insolent to do anything about it".

"Ah. Bingo" I downed another tequila. Blech.

Heh. I love her accent. Sounds Brit, but I can't be certain. I usually don't come to her bar in Makati often. Maybe three or four times a year lately. She's a missable person, always inquisitive and sarcastic. Well, maybe just on me.

"You'd better go back y'know". She rolled her eyes, then quickly added, "Wouldn't want to send you off again in a taxi drunk and rolling".

"But I love rolling."

"If pavements are made of cotton I reckon".

"Uh, what were we talking about again?" I said laughingly.

We used to have late night debates about everything. She's pretty smart to stay in a place like where she is now. Heck, she has a law degree I think. But I never did ask her about herself. Or perhaps she never really did say anything about it. It's fun though, to sometimes have me as the object of ridicule.

She gave me a mean stare.

"Okay, let's talk another time", I said, while walking out the door.

For a moment I thought about other things. Then I thought I heard her from behind, "I'm not keeping tabs on you, you nincompoop".

"Oh, hehe. Right. That ^_^"