I was just minding my own business.

And before I knew it, you entered my life. But you came when I am tired of the world around me. Work, home, cafe ... that's the only routine I have everyday.

Yet you came.

I wish I was in a happier condition to welcome you. Sorry if I did something unexpected. You make me happy. Even without you knowing. I looked at your eyes with wonder, and I really find your passive indifference kinda cute. And you make yourself more endearing by your playfulness. You weren't cruel though. Surprisingly, you were gentle and warm.

And for the first time, I uttered your nick name, "Hello, NT"

That is, after my roommate formally introduced me to you. It's been so long since I met someone like you. And I liked you unconditionally.

Last night, I tried gazing into your big eyes. I think you were timid :)

"Hi, NT."

I think you smiled but I couldn't be certain. Still you go with that cute indifference. Like this world is but one big grassy hill for you. Without any inhibition, I touched your cheek.

I am certain of myself that way.

Oh but I couldn't forget the first words you said to me. And you said ...


(We have a pet cat at the condo :) yay! Her name NT is short for Nine Tails. I think I'll call her Kyuubi myself)