I'm not sure who's been coming here every now and then (hah, stalker you), but thanks to him (it?) I found a verrrry old thread about cat lovers. Old as in six years ago, from an old haunting ground.

Anyway, here it is --> Click

Incidentally, I stopped going to those forums for almost a year, and I don't feel like catching up to anything. Probably lots of new names, but nonentheless, none of the people I really care about.

I've left a lot of memories in there, some good some bad, some happy some sad. Unfortunately for me, that place contains the saddest of my post-college life and not the happiest. I know it's long over, it just gets to you when you don't want it to.

And yes. I'm in the office. Working on a Sunday.

In other news, a new server is coming up. To switch or not to switch? Sigh.