One of the best things that this new place of work has is that every Friday there's what we call tea time. I think it's a British habit (since, we really aren't tea lovers) to have something on a Friday morning.

Ofcourse, here, it's like a celebration of sorts, difference is, the tea would take on a different form. What happens is some people contribute something for everybody to eat. It all becomes special when it's somebody's turn to be regularized. In that case, tea time becomes a festive occasion.

Besides the food, it's a good chance to socialize and get to know other people you work with, especially those whom you won't be speaking to much in your everyday routines.

There's still a bit of a clique here and there ofcourse. The foreigners would expectedly huddle together, and I ... well I'm a group all by myself (hehe). Okay kidding, I casually go around and comment something obnoxious or something (short of making them barf their food out).

Right now I'm stuffed. Delicious carbonara, delectable barbeque, and some really nice chocolate cake. It's hard to work when you feel like sleeping XD