I have a lot of things to do, to the point I don't even bother going on to my links (heck, even my fave comic sites) for fear that I might need every minute to complete my tasks.

But anyway, I was talking to an Aussie guy on the phone, and since I haven't been vocally using English much, I groped at the words. Before I realize it, I was speaking with a faint Brit accent (seriously guys, I think it's easier than American which is twangy and jazzy). I would go something like "I cun't understand what part needs to be changed". The only thing missing are idioms o_O I guess all those CNN reporters really have an effect on me while I was growing up.

Other than that, I felt gloomy upon waking up today. When I do that, my eyes look towards the floor. Good thing I bought new shoes because I'd go like "Cool, I have new shoes :)" That cheered me up a bit, heh heh.