There's been a big difference between now and the first half of this year.

I think better, for one. I'm no longer dreading the idea of a dragging day, like thinking about lunch after getting in at mornings and thinking about home after lunch is over. Oh I know those days come and go, and I wouldn't expect less about what's happening now.

One other thing better about today is that, I now want to go somewhere -- somewhere not here :) yesterday I wouldn't think of going anywhere and I'm trapped in a routine of living it a day at a time without thought of tomorrow. I also want to achieve something again. Isn't that a great thing to have?

As I look out my office window (great view), I see the immensity of Ortigas. I want to travel, even on my own. Funny how yesterday, I wouldn't want to get my ass out of my home.

Ah, and that's another thing. I want my own home. Back when there were troubles at home, I found myself lost and saddened. Even after things patched up, I've finally outgrown the thought of being back there. It's no longer the place I want to be when I want to rest my tired bones. Sure I'd miss mom's home cooking and the fragrant smelling sheets on my bed, but I guess it's time I truly fly off.

I know it all won't happen overnight. I have time. I still have time ...