I'm in a new place.

The thing is, when there are new things in my life, I am filled both with excitement and despair. Ambivalent yeah.

Because it feels like I have to prove myself all over again. It's technically a good thing so I won't grow stagnant with my skills. What magnifies it however, is that there are people here who know me.

And unfortunately, they give out hilarious press releases that I don't wish to be broadcasted (truly! ahaha). Still, I feel a weakness in my knees that I might not measure up. I can almost predict my behavioural cycle. Excited at first, when a disappointment comes, I'll feel really down. And people that I won't speak with on the first few weeks, will end up not being able to converse with at all. What worries me however, is that I don't wish an office strain -- that is, people that won't go well with me. Professionalism can only carry me so far as well as my indifference. In other words, I'm a softie. What I do hope however, is that change would come to me in the best of ways.


Yeah, I need to gain weight. Right now I look like a skeleton with mad scientist hair sprouting on my head. It's almost proverbial. And my skin is sticking too tightly to my bones, eegh.

My character in Alab, Kerberos, is now level 102! Eight more levels and he'll be at the same level as EaterOfEyes.


On a last note, there's a certain doctor that has my hopes and prayers. Good Luck Leis :)


Oh one last thought ... nay, a song

It's alright I'm okay
I think God can explain
I'm relieved I'm relaxed
I'll get over it, yeah