I've been fiddling around with Oracle for the past weeks, and despite the configurational puzzles, I'm beginning to think this shit is actually easier to do than the Java/J2EE chaos I usually deal with.

Programmatically (as in SQL-speaking that is), this stuff don't need any coding frameworks or some wise-ass nerd figuring out a supposed-to-be easier way to get things done. I mean databases are databases, there are joins, there are unions, but it essentially is more manageable than an enterprise wide application that gets more complex each client request. Not only that, but you really don't give a damn if the client thinks the screen looks funny because you're only dealing with information that comes to the screen. Or a developer ranting that he couldn't connect.

And that's from someone who has dealt with headache-inducing javascript enigmas and style sheet nightmares.

Okay, before I make any less sense than what I'm already saying, let's just say there's a lot to learn. Aaaand, I wouldn't mind fiddling with databases even though I consider myself a visual-type of person (my resume says this in BOLD letters: FRONT-END SPECIALIST).

It almost has a double meaning to it *tee hee*