I've realized that this blog has been the one of the few means for me to reach out the world.

I start out my day going here, and then just click on my links until I end up on some site that bores me to death or is tainted with melodramatic er, drama. Haven't gone out for quite a while, and I've been skipping on what-could-have-been fun MtG duels. Heck, I think it's been months since alcohol passed my throat (not that I'm looking for it, mind you).

Yeah I'm a loner, going about places in my own time and pace. I somehow detest having the idea that people are waiting for me, or be annoyed that I have to wait for other people.

A little quirk of mine is that I am xenophobic, yet I can talk to just about anyone and almost always strike something funny while conversing. After too long of a conversation though, I yearn for silence. My jaw muscles ain't that fit for a vocal marathon, so I need to excuse myself when that happens.

Which brings me to another thought.

Everyone has that getting-to-know each other phase right? Could be with new friends, or dates, or what not. It's always exciting to learn something new from someone you just met. It's like building up a piece of a puzzle curious as to what it would end up like.

But after a while, there will be a phase of ... silence.

It can be because you've already had that equilibrium of sorts. I have no further opinions on that, but what makes me wonder sometimes is when this phase of silence means indifference.

Sort of like "Oh it's you. Ah, it's just you".

*listens to Over My Head by The Fray*

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